Music catalogue updated with 73,142 tracks

It was a beautiful weekend and the office is a little quieter than most weeks but we have updated our music catalogue today. We added 5,998 albums and singles, in total 73,142 new tracks are now available.

A few highlights include:

Additionally, the audio book Free which was previously only available in the UK is now available for all users.

For a full listing of today’s additions please have a look at the Google Doc. As with every update not all albums listed may be available in your country and some tracks previously available may no longer be playable due to regional restrictions.


  1. Some more Japanese metal would be nice.. Bands like Maximum the Hormone and Blood Stain Child if possible. btw. Spotify best music program ever! 😀

  2. Could you please add the music group Derdian.

    More Japanse Music like Maximum the hormone, Nightmare, Stance Punks

  3. Hi, tnx for loading up Headhunterz and Project One. Would like more Hardstyle, Hardcore, electro, with more. Would Like to see Headhunterz, Showtek, Tiesto, Tatanka, Alpha Twins, Mark Sherry, with many more. Would be very nice of you 😀 But tnx for the beginning, Hope to hear more :D:D

  4. It would be so awesome with Liquid Tension Experiment added on Spotify!
    It’s a bit confusing that Dream Theater (which is connected with Liquid Tension Experiment) is in the catalogue, but not this band…

  5. Please! Add the REAL METALLICA songs! When spotify has the orginal Metallica songs it will be the best music program in the world! 😀

    Thanks for a great program 🙂

  6. Any chance of some Pink Floyd? is there a definitive list of record labels that you don’t or can’t publish? We use spotify now its quicker than finding the cd :o)

  7. Spotify have mixed up som metal band called The Knife, with the swedish elctronica duo The Knife!!!

  8. How come not adding more of Swedens nr. 1 Electronica duo, The Knife??? Especially since you have already added a Fever Ray! (one part of that duo).


    The Albums; The Knife – The Knife, The Knife – Deep Cuts and The Knife – Silent Shout.

  9. Please add some of ken rings new album hip hop, Nu måste vi dra is one song i would like on spotify 🙂


  11. Cant find any metallica. just tributes. is it the record company that says no?