1. A new Spotify version, nice! But when will you adress our many many useful suggestions for the client, that we have posted in the Spotify support forum?

  2. Hey guys,

    Nice work on the fixes. Two things:
    – It would be nice if the client did not update itself by itself (there’s a canonical Mac way to do this stuff).
    – And it would be nicer still if after an update it didn’t wipe my Play queue and History.


  3. I’ve seen one character encoding problem, but it seems to be dependent on where I am:

    Track 2, the symbol in the middle is a square on this XP machine, but on my Vista machine it’s a heart symbol.

  4. A feature which is really needed (I think): “Report wrong ID3 tags.”
    Because since it scrobbles to it messes up your stats when it has “Rage Against The Machine – Killing in the name of – Album Version”.
    And also there are some other tags wrong, I found 2 songs with random characters in there, like Ö where there should be something else.

    Also the Annihilator Song “Second to none” is named “Hell is a war” In fact the whole album is tagged incorrectly.

    I don’t think this feature has priority now, but it would be neat if we would see that sometime. Keep up the great work.

  5. i dont know what have happened to your song names…but for me who love last fm its important that you keep the names to just the song…the last days many songs have changed the names and aded stuff after the names like ” – Album Version” and ” Clean VersioN”…the thing about that its that it totaly fucks upp my last fm..

    hope you will fix those problems

  6. saw one more song that had changed to some big WTF name…

    Before it was named “Listen to your friends”
    now the name is “Listen to your friends – LYTF09”

  7. I have to agree with juchmako, the ” – Album Version” tag is annoying and not needed.

  8. Yes, there must be a way to avoid those long titles.

    And please bring back ‘Bruce Springsteen’! (Now he is called ‘Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band’ which is wrong for most of his albums.)

  9. I vote for cleaner tags too! It clutters my

    Maybe you guys can hook up with Musicbrainz?

  10. i second what’s been said about the annoying as hell ” – Album Version” tags…

    plus the french artist Bénabar is tagged as “Benabar”, which totally messes with the charts too..

    Except these little glitches, Spotify really really rocks, cheers to the spotify team ❤

  11. I found an incorrect track. Artist is Brother Firetribe. Track “I am rock” should be “Chasing the angels” and the other way around.

  12. I work for the Spotify dev team, dealing with metadata and
    content. The reason we added version titles (the text after the
    hyphen) was to fix albums like, where all
    tracks previously had the same name.

    The change wasn’t all positive, since some version titles don’t
    add any information (or are just plain stupid). We’ll probably
    remove “Album version” really soon.

    As for MusicBrainz, we already use their data heavily to improve the
    quality of our metadata. Both artist names and album and track
    titles are automatically corrected if we find that MusicBrainz spells them differently.

  13. magnus:

    You might also want to fix Red Red Meat’s album “Bunny Gets Paid” – all tracks are called “[…] – Album”, and it’s slightly annoying and screws things up when working together with

    Link: spotify:album:2Cm5vxjs9SeFhXKgHWbkYJ

  14. It updated for me earlier today, and not it pops up a “File Download” dialog (from IE although I use Firefox as the default browser) prompting me to Open or Save “flashdetect.swf” every time I start Spotify.

    WTF is this? (Seems I’m not the only one.)

  15. Nearly every track has mixed up tags in Franz Ferdinand’s album “Franz Ferdinand”

  16. Great with a new version, but when are you going to address the problem with scrobbling to when you are behind a password protected proxy?

  17. It’s good to see that you are contiounsly updating the Spotify.
    I don’t know if this is the right place to make requirements for new functionality, but any ways.
    I would like it if the search functionality to become more powerfull. Powerfull in the meaning that you can search on different attributes such as: nationality, genre, lable and year. Also it whould be great to have a form of browsing. So that you can search for a genre, than brows through different sub-genres.

    Finaly I just wanted to say that Spotify is a great service!

  18. The new version title tagging is fantastic, nice job!

    I noticed it today with this album:

    Previously all the tracks were missing the mix name, consequently scrobbling me back to 1981 instead of 2008 😉

  19. I follow all the updates with excitement! I am hoping that there will be a Spotify for game consoles at some point.

  20. I only have one quible – when spotify glitches, and it says the proxy could not be found or something, that annoys me lots. Also, could you flip the song name around so that on MSN messenger, the ‘i’m listening to’ thing has the song first, then the artist. Other then that, keep up the good work!