Spotify Music catalogue updated with 870 releases

To make the weekend a little more interesting we have another update to the Spotify music catalogue. Today we’ve added 877 albums and singles, for a total of more than 13,000 new tracks.

Some of the notable additions include most of the back catalogue from the Beastie Boys including the special 20th anniversary edition of Paul’s Boutique. Also added is a huge selection of Greatful Dead live concerts from the Dick’s Picks collection for all those Deadheads out there.

For a full listing of today’s additions please have a look at the Google Doc, I’ve also added a second sheet to the document which is sorted by label rather than artist. As with every update not all albums listed may be available in your country due to regional restrictions.


  1. andres – In some cases will auto-correct them (if they are very popular tracks), but not always. Would it be possible for you to display the version part in Spotify without sending it to

  2. As mentioned above correct some of these but most of them don’t. So if the labels wants these names it would be a nice feature to have the ability to filter the names when scrobbling.

  3. Great to see the music library growing! It would be fun if you had some statistics over how many song, albums and artists that are available in different countries πŸ™‚

    Also, I don’t find the advertisements annoying at all! I hardly even notice them when I’m doing something on the computer or similar. Instead I think you could have as short advertisements as today but having it after 3 songs instead of 6 songs as it is today, to earn double the money. And you could also add advertisement windows in the program. I mean, your service is free and no one should complain at a free service! If they absolutely don’t want advertisement, they can always go Premium πŸ™‚

    Also it would be great if Premium users could download say 2 albums a month or similar. Or if one pays 199 SEK a month, one can download 5 albums or 50-100 songs. A service like that would make me go Premium! πŸ™‚

    Incredible service you bring to the people!

  4. I think it is really sweet that you guys think you can request bands and they will appear. Really sweet……..could i have a new Bentley Convertible, please.

    And some of the aggresive comments, what’s with you guys. This is a free service that is giving you the opportunity to listen to practically all mainstream music (and plenty of non-mainstream) for nothing, with a few noted exceptions.

    So keep up the good work and i will be happy with whatever you guys at Spotify can do.

    By the way, Andres, I would prefer the Bentley in red, but if that proves dificult, any colour will do.

  5. This is out of topic but … The invites are gone from my account !! , did you guys change anything ??. I had 6 in my account that promised to friends and family..


  6. Again, off topic, just wanted to mention that the tracklisting for the Joy Division live album ‘Les Baines Douches’ appears to be incorrect.

    First track is listed as ‘Passover’ when it should be ‘Disorder’, and ‘Shadowplay’ oughta be listed as ‘Day of the Lords’. There are other mis-named tracks as well, but I can’t remember ’em all off hand.

    This is not a criticism or a gripe, just wanted to point it out – loving Spotify, and am tres glad that one of my friends sent me an invite!

  7. wouldn’t it be possible to do a spreadsheet where you can sort by any column?

    and also it would be ace to have the genres listed in the spreadsheet too.


  8. It would be nice to have the year of release in the spreadsheet, and to be able to sort by it

  9. No Family force 5? 😦 plus your missing some red hot chili peppers songs

  10. It would be nice if you could post your new additions in a RSS feed.You could use Google Docs for that I think.

  11. Sings along… “Intergalactic planetary, planetary, intergalactic…” πŸ™‚

  12. Spotify, i really think you have a blog to request artists/albums (and perhaps songs, to a lesser extent). It’d give you an idea of what people want to listen to, improve your reputation and overall, make spotify more enjoyable.


  13. need more bullets and octane albums πŸ˜€ theres only oneee! wheres the others at spotify???

  14. Get some Evita, Despised Icon and I Killed The Prom Queen on spotify please. πŸ™‚

  15. Please could you add some more Runrig music from after Bruce Guthro became the lead singer – Stamping Ground and Everything You See?

  16. RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS – I know spotify is fighting their own battles with record labels, but for us consumers who pay 10 quid every month is absolutely unacceptable not having best albums from such artists available. Sorry, but I don’t think this can work.