CocoaHeads Stockholm

Since we’re developing Spotify for the Macintosh platform, we occasionally stumble upon the wonderful world of Cocoa. To celebrate this, a few of us programmers have decided to start a local CocoaHeads chapter here in Sweden.

Therefore, we hereby invite all of you interested in Cocoa development to our very first meeting, next Monday (June 02). We’ll kick off in our office at Humlegårdsgatan 20 here in Stockholm, at 18:00 CET. We’ll start with a short introduction of ourselves, and then talk about the coming WWDC and our expectations (nothing fancy, just a discussion where everyone is welcome to share their thoughts on Steve’s upcoming keynote). There’s a projector available if anyone wants to bring their laptop and show stuff for the rest of the audience.

During the meeting, we will also try to plan the coming sessions; guest speakers, location etc. Finally (for those who want); after the meeting, we’ll go out together and try to find some place to get some tasty food.

We’re looking forward to see you next Monday. Welcome!

Personal accounts are personal

Spotify’s business model is partially based on well targeted advertising. The targeting won’t work particularly well if users share accounts. In order to be able to keep providing you with a music service that’s great for fans as well as artists, we need to start preventing account sharing in the beta test. We still want you to be able to use your Spotify account from multiple locations, though, since that’s part of our core philosophy.

The way we have implemented this is that while you can be logged in from many places (such as your home and your office), you can only stream music to one location at a time. If you’re having breakfast and listen to Spotify at home and leave it running while taking off to work, once you’re sitting comfortably in your office chair and turn on the music again, your kitchen computer streaming Spotify music at home will be paused.

Multi user error message

As long as you’re the only one using the account, this is fine. However, if you think someone might have gotten access to your password, now is a good time to change it.

Spotify 0.2.13

Today we released Spotify 0.2.13.

A number of bugs have been fixed, and Spotify now pauses when waking up from hibernation. This is nice if you happen to leave in a hurry for a presentation, quickly closing your laptop lid while Spotify is blasting your favorite inappropriate tunes at full volume, and then opening it in front of your important business partners.

Spotify 0.2.12

Screenshot of Spotify 0.2.12We just released Spotify 0.2.12. For this version of Spotify:

  • The graphics for the play/pause control buttons has been updated.
  • The information for the unavailable albums has been changed.
  • More category dividers have been added to the artist pages.
  • Context menus have been added for the artist title on artist and album pages.
  • A bug causing links to positions in tracks to crash Spotify has been fixed.
  • The not-available text is no longer displayed above every disc in an unavailable album.

And most notably, a new start page with top lists has been added. It is available from the Start Page link in the left pane. You can view top tracks, albums and artists both globally and for yourself. Play around with the controls!

Behind the scenes

Daniel and Martin

We’ve been taking Daniel’s and Martin’s pictures. It’s not been easy to get them to pose for us, but once we managed to get them in front of the camera they appeared to be naturals, both of them. :)

Looking for S60 developers

Do you think Spotify seems like a pretty neat thing and would like to help us achieving our goal of providing everyone with all the music everywhere? If you have experience of Nokia’s S60 platform or are just such a kick-ass coder that you think you can learn it in an instant, please send your résumé (in PDF or plain text) to

If you’re the one we’re looking for, you’re highly passionate about what you’re doing and eager to keep learning new stuff. You thrive in an environment where everyone knows what they’re doing and won’t hesitate helping each other grow.

Most of our developers are in Stockholm, Sweden, so ideally, that’s where you are (or are willing to relocate to).