According to Anders Fridén: from the Hansa Tonstudio in Berlin


Post by: Anders Fridén, lead singer of In Flames.

Hope you’re well, music lovers. I’m three weeks into the recording of the next In Flames album. We’re in Hansa Tonstudio in Berlin and it’s fantastic. Such a legendary place, so many great musicians and producers have been within these halls. And now, I am a part of that history. Whatever that might mean to others and/or the history of music – I don’t know – but at least for me this is a big deal. I really do feel that it’s affecting us all though. It’s more than just going to a studio and hammering down the tracks. It’s like you want to perform at a higher level, with a new touch, because otherwise David Bowie or Iggy will crawl out of the walls and tell you that you suck. That would be a real mood killer….

So what’s it going to sound like? Honestly, I don’t really know at this point. The music reinvents itself every time each musician puts his hand on it and does his thing. But obviously you’ll know it’s In Flames as soon as you’ll hear the sweet melodies and snappy riffing.

One thing I can say is that I’m a bit tired of German pilsner. I’m in need of some great IPA’s and some heavy stouts, so my mission in the coming days is to find a good store that can help me quench my thirst for this fine nectar.

Since we’re in Germany I’ve had to add some German metal to the list. I’ve also added some of the artists that recorded at Hansa. I warned you that I might leave the metal field a little at some points, but this time it’s more because I rediscovered some of the artists who recorded here. Promise to be back on track next month.

According to Anders Fridén: How It All Began


Post by: Anders Fridén, lead singer of In Flames.

So where do I begin? When I was just 5 years of age, sitting next to my parents stereo with enormous headphones going through all of their vinyls? When I was 10, begging my mom I could stay up late to watch a live broadcast from Dortmund Westfalenhallen with artist such as Judas priest, Iron maiden, Scorpions, Ozzy and Quiet riot to name a few (this show had a giant impact on little Anders)?

When I was 16 and joined the band that was to become Dark tranquility? When I was 20 and begged the owner of Studio Fredman to give me an internship? When I was 22 and joined In flames? 3 years ago when I decided to start a record company or just a year ago when I joined forces with Razzia records and we started Razzia notes?

All I can say is that I love music, I’m married to music and that is something I will try show you through this playlist the coming months (or however long they want me to roam the net). This first one, I just try to show you where I come from and some songs that inspired me. Also I threw in some stuff from my label, Razzia notes. Artists that I’m extremely proud of.

For the love of music, take a moment…


Presenting “According to Anders Fridén” – lead singer of In Flames

Spotify proudly announces a new collaboration with Anders Fridén, lead singer of the world renowned metal band In Flames. On October 30th, Anders will launch his own playlist, “According To,” exclusively on Spotify and also start writing columns for our blog. We asked him to explain a bit more about the project.


Hi Anders! What’s this about?

Simply a way for me to share damn good music. I’m a big consumer of all sorts of music, and I myself love to get tips on something new or something that I’ve I missed.

What kind of songs will end up on your playlist?

I think I will focus on rock/metal, but I may also slip in other genres when I get the feeling. That happens a lot.

You will also write columns on the Spotify blog, what will those be about?

I do not know yet, haha! I shoot from the hip. They will obviously revolve around music: how I got where I am today and what life was like when I was naive and didn’t have to think about what was right and wrong. I probably can’t keep myself from writing about beer, whiskey, food and all that other stuff that makes life feel a little easier sometimes.

What’s happening with In Flames in the near future?

Right now we are writing new hit songs, and we will soon enter the studio to make album number eleven…. Number eleven! Holy shit!

What is your favorite song right now and why?

My label Razzia Notes released the debut album from a band called Dead Soul. There are a lot of amazing songs, but one that stands out for me right now is the song Dead Soul – Kill the Past. As a lyricist, I love when the lyrics marry well with the music, and in this case, such great lyrics! Dark and beautiful.

OK Spotifiers…. October 30th, save the date!

We’ll be launching this feature, “According To,” with Anders Fridén! You will find Anders’ playlist and column on our blog.