Our Interview with Alex Lloyd


After spending 5 years in London, Sydney native, Alex Lloyd is finally returning to Australia with a brand new album, Urban Wilderness, out today! 

“Creatively there’s loads there to be inspired by, and of course the people who came before you too. In the UK music is just as highly regarded as sport – I found it an amazing place to be a songwriter” Lloyd says of his time in London. “Just before coming home I was a bit in the wilderness – that’s where the title comes from, not knowing what the  *uck you want to do” says Lloyd.  We got the chance to catchup with Alex Lloyd, see our interview below.

What music was playing in the house when you were growing up?

Loads of different stuff but what I remember most as a kid is falling asleep to the sounds of adults talking and drinking with Bob Dylan or Rodriguez in the background. Also my mother used to paint to Mozart, Vivaldi and Bach and my dad had the Beatles Box set and a solid collection of Led Zeppelin Records, I had a lot to choose from.

What was the first record you fell in love with?

The first Album I truly loved was an old blues record by a guy called Muddy Waters. I don’t have it any more but I think it was called ‘Rare and Unissued‘. I spun it until it would not spin any more and I think it got warped by the sun.

Who made you want to make music?

This List would be a mile long – Muddy Waters, Elvis Presley and Costello, John Paul Jones, Simon and Garfunkel too name but a few.

What were you listening to whilst recording?

I don’t tend to listen much music when I making a record. I like to try and stay true to what I’m creating and as pure as possible

What five records couldn’t you live without?

Another tough one..

The Best of Simon and Garfunkel

The Best of the Police

Black Keys – Brothers 

Beck – Odelay

Neil Young – Harvest

What are you listening to at the moment?

I really like Pure Heroine by LORDE

Does the perfect song exist?

I believe there are loads of them ..

Finally, what’s your favourite noise?


Check out Urban Wilderness , out today!