The Weeknd Drops Two New Music Videos Only on Spotify

The wait is over for new music from The Weeknd, and Spotify is the only place you can watch not one, but two brand new videos from the artist’s surprise 6-song release, My Dear Melancholy,.

The vertical videos feature the Grammy-winning singer-songwriter performing two fresh tracks: “Call Out My Name” and “Try Me.” The Weeknd shot the video for “Try Me” on his cell phone during a night out in Los Angeles.

Viewable only on Spotify for users in the US, UK, Sweden and Latin America, the videos can be found on some of Spotify’s most popular playlists, including Are & Be which has more than four million followers.

Not since 2016’s epic Grammy-nominated album Starboy has The Weeknd dropped new solo music (though fans on Spotify have been all over his track “Pray For Me,” a collaboration with Kendrick Lamar for the Black Panther soundtrack). Starboy was one of Spotify’s most popular albums of 2017 and the title track has been streamed more than 900 million times. The Toronto-born musician was Spotify’s third most-streamed artist last year.

Listen to The Weeknd’s six new tracks on My Dear Melancholy,.