Taylor Swift’s New Delicate Video Only on Spotify

“How did she do it?” This is what you’ll be asking yourself after watching a brand new vertical video of Taylor Swift’s new hit song, “Delicate,” shot just for Spotify by Taylor.

She may dance like nobody’s watching in her official “Delicate” music video, but in this new video, filmed in one take, Taylor captures “Delicate” in an entirely different way. This is a MUST SEE video, available from midnight EST tonight on mobile for Spotify users in the US, UK, Sweden and Latin America. It can be viewed on some of Spotify’s hottest playlists: Today’s Top Hits, Teen Party, Pop Rising and THIS IS: Taylor Swift.

“Delicate” is from Taylor’s sixth studio release and the best selling album of 2017, reputation.

Since you’re now probably craving a solid dose of Taylor’s biggest songs through the years, look no further than the playlist THIS IS: Taylor Swift. It’s currently front and center on Spotify’s AMPLIFY hub celebrating Women’s History Month under the heading “Icons and Influencers” because, well…Taylor Swift.   

We’ll have more cool stuff to share involving Taylor and Spotify soon. Watch this (not-so-blank) space.