Spotify Predicts New England Patriots to Win Super Sunday

The Big Game Can Lead to Big Wins for Music, Artists and Fans

The Big Game is this week and it’s not only one of the world’s most watched sporting events of the year, it’s arguably one of the biggest global moments for music too. In honor of hyped up halftime shows, water cooler-worthy commercials and this year’s Big Game, Spotify has taken a deeper look at the influence the game has on music, artists and their fans. In some cases, the music that fans listen to may even be able to predict the winning team.

Based on the number of playlists created by hometown fans to celebrate the game, Spotify predicts a New England Patriots win over the Philadelphia Eagles this year. In looking at the past three years, the team with the most Big Game playlists created by listeners has clenched victory – Patriots over Falcons in 2017, Broncos over Panthers in 2016 and Patriots over Seahawks in 2015.

Athletes aren’t the only major players on game day, artists featured during Halftime and in commercials also win big, as the game can have a significant impact on music catalogues. Whether it’s reenergizing beloved artists of the past or bringing today’s hottest artists to a global stage, the music of the Big Game has the power to reach and influence fans around the world.

Streams of the featured performers see substantial spikes on Spotify globally in the hours following the game versus the previous week, and continue for days showing the Big Game effect is real.

  • Surprise 2015 halftime performer, Missy Elliott, had the largest increase in streams globally the day after the Big Game, up 810%, out of all the Halftime artists including Katy Perry (166%) and Lenny Kravitz (93%)
  • Following the Denver Broncos’ 2016 win, streams of Halftime headliner Coldplay increased by 150% globally, while Beyoncé popped by 70% and Bruno Mars by 46%
  • Lady Gaga streams skyrocketed by 401% globally following her 2017 Halftime performance

Even the music featured in Super Sunday commercials get in on the action on Spotify. The DNA of these commercials live on through their songs that are streamed following the game. Songs featured in U.S. commercials during the game from 2015 to 2017 all saw substantial increases in streams on Spotify.

What music moments are in store for the game this year? Justin Timberlake will return to the Big Game stage following his infamous 2004 performance. With the forthcoming release of his highly anticipated album, “Man of the Woods,” fans are dying to know if he will bring the “Supplies” and a few special guests for an ultimate touchdown.

Good luck to both and may the best team win!