1. It’s more like a christmas offer than a gift. It’s a nice offer though, but all christmaspresents are already bought :/


  3. I’m sorry to say this, but when you sign up for an entire year, you should get a discount nomater what time of year it is.

    999NOK seems like an ok oneyear subscription fee as a basic, and as a christmas offer the price should be like 899NOK.
    It’s normal to get a discount when you buy quantum…

  4. It would be interesting to know how many of those 1M users that have a premium subscription. I’m concerned about the future, and hope that as many as possible will actually pay for this GREAT service, so that we can keep it!

  5. It shows kr 1188 for one year when I log in to take a bite at this offer. Is there any link, og prmotional code?

  6. @ cwbrandsdal – is your account and website set to Norway? If not you won’t see it.

  7. @andres – Yes the page language is set to norwegian, and country is set to norway in my profile.

  8. My country and language is set at Norway and still i dont get the offer as an existing customer. So he is not alone 🙂

  9. Det står 1188 kr her også,
    Under profiler står det norway som country


  10. It could be that it doesnt activate before tomorrow or something, since the offer came just an hour ago… 😉

  11. same here too. Have Norway set as country and payment are ongoing right now until 29.12.2010.
    Does this offer require to cancel our allready running Premium membership?
    Do not see the 999 deal any place.

  12. Thank you hawkin: The solution is to send a gift-certificate to yourself. My subscription was extended 12 months for 999,-

    Not very user friendly, is it?


  13. Works here…..BUT, whay IF and say IF Spotify looses the record company support and calls it quits in June 2011? Do you get a refund? I’m not saying Spotify will stop working, but there are some rocky patches in the road ahead. The “gift” might end up costing you more. All I’m saying is 1 year is a long time in Internetland

  14. I doubt you’ll get any refound. If they are bankrupt, im sure they got their debt holders who want their money back. And som employees who also want their wages. So it’s sort of a risk you’ll have to take. I doubt that spotify will go bankrupt, and if you buy one year insted of one month, you will save some money! 🙂

  15. The NOK 999 offer is a great deal if you plan to be continuing using Spotify over the next tvelwe months, and you don’t have the option to invest NOK 999 and get 43,22% return. The math: -99+(-99/x)*(1-(1/(1+x)^11)) -> x = 0,0332. -> ((1+x)^11)-1) = 43,22% p.a. Moreover, in july 2011 Spotify subscription will be subject to norwegian VAT wich theoretically will increase the the monthly cost of NOK 99, with 25%-17,5% = 7,5%. Also, in january the UK VAT on the monthly subscrptions will increase from 17,5% to 20%, wich you as customers can risk paying. Conclusion: Accept the NOK 999 offer!