Paypal now added for Spotify Premium


Starting today you’ll be able to pay for your Spotify Premium subscription using a Paypal account. Adding Paypal, along with Pressbyrån & 7-Eleven, is part of our continuing effort to make it as convenient as possible for you to subscribe. Paypal accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover cards, you can also link Paypal directly to your bank account to make payments.

At the moment Paypal is only available in the UK, we’ll be supporting more countries in the near future.

So if not having a credit card has been holding you back from subscribing, now is a great time to upgrade.


  1. Will upgrade to Premium as soon as Paypal is available in FRANCE, the sooner the better ! Lots of people support you here !

  2. Man, what a lot of beef about an improvement to an awesome service.

    If you can’t paypal from your country, or you have no card to link to your paypal account, go physically buy a prepaid mastercard and pop a tenner on it to pay spotify with instead.

    Also, angry peoples, try reading a music licensing contract and see if you still think spotify aren’t doing a hellofagreat job helping our lazy asses get our audio fix without having to cart a fat ipod around, brave the virusland of torrents, or deal with DRM.

    Premium account happily paid for with paypal 🙂

  3. There needs to be the ability to switch to paypal for previous premium subscribers. 🙂

  4. Has it been rolled out to other countries? Because I can see the payment option here in the Spanish Spotify Premium payment options, but when I try and use PayPal, it asks for a Credit Card :/

  5. Ive ran into a problem, ive put €10 on my paypal account, when i try to buy a 1 month premium subscription ill get some wierd link-a-credit-card form. Whats the point of the paypal thing when you still need a credit card?

    Simple question: How do i get my 10 euro’s to Spotify ltd (without credit card or bank account associated with paypal) for a premium account? turns out to be very hard, its impossible….

    In the Netherlands we mainly use iDeal for online payments, why is it not supported?

    The music industry wants money but they don’t allow us to give it.

  6. Why WOULD you not include all countries at once? What the hell people, the whole point of PayPal is that you can pay services that aren’t in your country, so what’s the point of adding PayPal in the first place if it’s only supported in one country? Everyone could have just converted whatever currency to £ if that’s what’s stopping it from being used on any other countries…

    And I read the part that more countries will be added later, but as I said, the whole point of PayPal is to pay services in other currencies so not adding every country is just outright stupid and defies the whole reason of having PayPal in the first place…

  7. @a37 as was posted in one of the first posts, it requires time and paperwork. Legal issues make that it’s not as easy as you would want it to be.

    OT: I’m so glad you guys made this! I’m currently linking my bank account, so i can finally use spotify premium! I’ll probably have an inspiration block till then, as my free music is already used up again :/