Spotify Premium, Starting To Appreciate

We’ve got a number of new pre-releases today for Spotify Premium subscribers.


First up is the self titled debut album from Swedish band Tutankamon, available now for subscribers in Sweden, Finland, Norway, UK, Spain and France.


Trip hop duo Massive Attack have a new EP, Splitting The Atom, out in October but
subscribers in Sweden can listen now!


London folk duo Mumford & Sons release their debut album, Sigh No More, early next month. Starting today Spotify Premium subscribers in the UK can listen to the album before it’s released.


The final release is from Danish alternative band The Asteroids Galaxy Tour. Their The Asteroids Galaxy Tour Live release is now available to all subscribers for pre-listen.


  1. UK band Massive Attack not available in UK – I know @spotify aren’t making such a decision but guys you’ve got to point out the frustration this causes… Be our voice and make the point please kthxbai

  2. Any chance of an official Spotify playlist that just contains all the premium-only pre-releases? Would be awesome 🙂

  3. @rumik – It’s a good idea. I’ve one up and will try and keep it updated. 🙂

  4. Hey Spotify! Thanks for telling me about The Asteroids Galaxy. Didn’t know about them, but started to like them in 10 seconds. Keep it up!

  5. do I get better audio quality too if I upgrade to premium?
    I want ur app on my phone, but will the sound quality be good?
    what bitrate do u support on mobile?

  6. Too bad I can’t access half of it, including Massive Attack, even though I’m a premium subscriber. #rant