iPhone update on the way

A few days back we submitted an update of our iPhone app to the App Store for approval. The update will improve the general stability of the app, as well as add a few small improvements such as pausing music when you pull out your head phones. We’re also adding the capability for more efficient streaming over low bandwidth to help out those of you on slower connections. It will likely take a few weeks for the update to appear but we wanted to let everyone know that it’s on the way.


  1. Spotify Math…

    iPhone + Spotify = Poo

    iPhone + Spotify + Backgrounder = Pure Magic.

    Doing it now on an iPhone 3G 3.1.2 and it’s orgasmic.

  2. Here are my Suggestions/Feedback. These have all been raised by others but I thought I would add my 2p worth:
    Last.fm support
    Search results -> Add to new playlist (as well as add to existing)
    Background support

  3. one majour suggestion. Sort playlists at least alphabetically if not possible to sort by artist/track/album etc.

  4. Everyone has already suggested the features needed to take this App to the next level. But just wanted to reiterate some of the info I’ve found so you can sort my biggest gripes without the need for an update…

    Ok, you need to jailbreak your device. But when you do install the following from Cydia…

    Backgrounder – This lets you play music in the background like the ipod mode and do other things.

    Music Controls – Allows you to control your music via the headphone remote and adds ipod like screens to control it when it is running in the background, including a nice status bar and album artwork when the phone is locked. (5 day free trial, then $4.99 but well worth the cost until Spotify sort it out)

    Now it’s great!

  5. Sorting playlists alphabetically, more stability and background working would be nice.

  6. I understand how to make tracks available off line on my laptop but can’t get the songs from pending sync to actually being available off line on mobile, I tried forcing into offline mode but then tracks simply aren’t available. I think I must be missing something very obvious and would appreciate some help please!