Refer-a-Friend, Help People Hear

It’s Day 3 of our Refer-a-Friend, Support a Cause initiative with LSTN Giving Back Amplified and the Starkey Hearing Foundation.  We’ve had just over 1000 referrals so far…and we want to get up to at least 10x that!

You can help bring the ability to hear (and to listen to music!) to more people, just by referring friends to Spotify.

For every friend you refer to Spotify this week, we’ll donate to LSTN’s Giving Back Amplified program.  

Our friends at LSTN Headphones are in Peru right now with the Starkey Hearing Foundation fitting people with hearing aids. Check out this great video they made about their first day in Peru.

Use #SpotifyGivesBack to spread the word and click here to refer your friends.