Rock legends Led Zeppelin arrive on Spotify!

Screen Shot 2013-12-10 at 3.48.48 PMWe’re very, very excited to announce that Led Zeppelin is now streaming exclusively on Spotify!

Nearly 45 years after the release of Led Zeppelin – the astonishing debut that catapulted the band to rock superstardom – Led Zeppelin’s legendary catalog is now available to stream on demand for the first time ever, only on Spotify.

We’re releasing two albums per day this week, starting today with Led Zeppelin and its almighty follow up, Led Zeppelin II. By Sunday, December 15,  the full Led Zeppelin album catalog will be available to play as often as you like. Follow Led Zeppelin on Spotify now and we’ll let you know as soon as the next albums drop.


Turn up the volume and start listening to Led Zeppelin now.


Music for everyone. Now free on your mobile.


You can now get Spotify on your mobile or tablet, absolutely free. Find the right music and shuffle play it on any iOS or Android device. Available to all today – Spotify’s new free mobile experience lets you shuffle play:

  • Your music: Listen to all the playlists you’ve created and playlists from the people you follow. Spotify lets you discover new music, save, shuffle and share.
  • Your favourite artists: Want to listen to a certain artist? Just hit shuffle play, sit back and listen to their entire catalogue. Don’t settle for something similar. Don’t settle for just one track from the artist you want to hear every 20 minutes.
  • Discover great new playlists: Going for a jog or to the gym? We’ve got the playlist to help you go the extra mile. We know you just want the perfect music for a specific moment in time – and we’ve got you covered. There’s something for every mood, genre or moment.

Sound good? Get Spotify on your mobile.

2013 – ett år i backspegeln

Det är otroligt att vi redan har kommit till årets slut! Det är dags att se tillbaka på 12 fantastiska musikmånader.

Ta en titt på vårt år i backspegeln och följ med på en interaktiv resa genom tid och rum. Från Spotifys universum till dig och ditt musikår.

Vi firar förbluffande 4,5 miljoner timmar med streamad musik på Spotify det här året. Vi avslöjar vilka artister och låtar som tog världen med storm. Vi delar med oss av roliga Spotify-fakta från hela världen. Slutligen visar vi vilken musik som har präglat 2013 för dig med en återblick på ditt år.

Tack för att du har bidragit till ett fantastiskt år. Vi ser fram emot att dela många fler musikaliska höjdpunkter under 2014!


New tools for artists on Spotify

We believe that giving artists more access to data gives them more power over their careers. So today we’re presenting a new set of tools to be as transparent as possible with the artist community.

Spotify Artists


This new site offers guidelines for artists and managers on how to get the most out of Spotify. We also explain our business model in detail – with specific numbers and equations used to calculate monthly payments to rights holders. We are disclosing an average per stream rate as well as a detailed equation on how artists are paid.

Introducing Artists Dashboards

Verified artists and managers will able to access a dashboard we’re launching in partnership with Next Big Sound. The free dashboard gives real time access to loads of Spotify streaming data relating to their music.

Pre-registration begins this week and we will begin rolling out access to authorized artists in the coming weeks.

Buy Concert Tickets and Merchandise on Spotify

We will enable artists to start selling concert tickets and merchandise within Spotify. We are rolling out concert listings on the Discover and artist pages where you can already buy tickets immediately through Songkick. Over the next few months we will be rolling out merchandise listings.

@SpotifyArtists on Twitter

Our Artists Services team is available to speak directly to artists and managers who may have more questions. They can be reached on our new Twitter handle @spotifyartists or on


The Winners of Your Music Moments!

Your Music Moments

Today, we’re excited to reveal the tracks music fans voted for as the ultimate tunes to get a party started, survive a hangover, get through a Monday, endure a long journey and mend a broken heart, along with the guiltiest pleasure and favourite one hit wonder.

Our inaugural Your Music Moments poll was voted for by more than 30,000 Spotify users across the globe, revealing the tunes that provide the soundtrack to music fans’ lives.

hangOur Guilty Pleasure floor-filler crown goes to Journey’s Don’t Stop Believin’. Journey’s classic received more than double the votes than Britney or The Backstreet Boys tracks got, making it Spotify’s ultimate ‘Guilty Pleasure’.

partyIn the hotly contended category of top ‘Party Starter’, Avicii and Robin Thicke, who received more votes than classic tracks from the Bee Gees and Chic, were neck and neck throughout the voting with Avicii’s Levels sneaking in at the last minute win to be named the top ‘Party Starter’.

guiltyTo help with the morning after the night before, music lovers voted to ease their sore heads by listening to The Lazy Song by Bruno Mars, which was voted ‘Best Hangover’ track, beating Avicii’s Wake Me Up and Stronger by Kanye West.

exFor broken hearts, music fans opted to drown their sorrows to Adele’s Someone Like You, rather than the blatant We Are Never Getting Back Together by Taylor Swift. Adele’s Grammy-winning track was voted the best song to ‘Get Over An Ex’.

workoutThe music-loving, gym go-ers chose the motivational eighties classic Eye Of The Tiger, to feel the burn to, over recent floor-fillers such as LMFAO’s Sexy And I Know It or Snoop Dogg’s aptly named track Sweat.

It’s so great to see the mix of cult classics and current chart-toppers that made the cut for our very first Your Music Moments – explore all this year’s winners here!

  • Best Driving Song: Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen
  • Hangover Cure: The Lazy Song – Bruno Mars
  • Guilty Pleasure: Don’t Stop Believin’ – Journey
  • Get Over An Ex: Someone Like You – Adele
  • Party Starter: Levels – Avicii
  • Workout Song: Eye Of The Tiger – Rocky OST
  • One Hit Wonder: Ice Ice Baby – Vanilla Ice
  • Best Monday Song: Manic Monday – The Bangles


Browse is here!

Looking for that perfect playlist or this week’s latest releases? It’s never been easier with Browse, now rolling out to all users on all devices.

Browse is your go-to hub to explore curated playlists for every mood or moment, a collection of our top lists as well as new releases.

Be sure to check out Browse today!

Staff Picks – Christian Wilsson

Screen Shot 2013-11-07 at 11.03.12 AM

Another week, another #FavoriteFollow! Today, meet our Director of Communication Design Christian Wilsson, fondly known here as Kribba. This Stockholmer will be sure to soundtrack your Friday with his great picks.  Get to know some fun trivia about Kribba below!

Where are you from and how did you end up at Spotify?
Been working with design for 15 years and the last 3 years at Spotify. Before joining Spotify I ran my own production agency for 2 years and prior to that I was part of the founding crew at Stardoll where I also met Daniel Ek. Did a lot of freelance work for Spotify including the very first version of the logo before joining in 2010 as Head of Design.

What is your role at Spotify?
I manage a team of awesome designers in Stockholm and New York working with the brand and our marketing efforts. We’re part of the marketing department and I report to the VP of Creative and Brand.

What is your most memorable concert?
Jurassic 5 at the Fanclub festival in Stockholm 1998.

What has been one of your coolest moments while working at Spotify?
Standing on the stage at the big Spotify warehouse party at SXSW ’13, during Kendrick Lamar’s first set of the week. The place was going nuts and Kendrick’s performance was awesome.

What about Spotify do you love most?
The people who work here and the pride you feel being part of something that people everywhere is using.
If you had to describe yourself in one song, what song would it be?
World Wide Web – Nick Borgen ;)

Which album would you say defined your adolescence and why?
Red Hot Chili Peppers – Blood Sugar Sex Magik. Through the discovery of this awesome album I got interested in music and then discovered more and more cool American bands, such as Stone Temple Pilots and Pearl Jam. “Alive” by Pearl Jam is still one of the best songs ever.

What song do you have on repeat right now?
Under Control – Calvin Harris

What has been one of your coolest moments while working at Spotify?
Watching Frank Ocean perform at our Discover, Browse and Follow launch event in New York December 2012

What is the best band name ever?
The Kristet Utseende

If you could choose to be in any band throughout history, which would it be?
Daft Punk. Simply because I’d love to design my own helmet.


Staff Picks – Bryan Grone

Screen Shot 2013-11-01 at 10.00.40 AMKick-start November with some awesome indie hits. This week’s #FavoriteFollow, Bryan Grone, works on our Label Relations team in New York, and has some great tunes to get you through this Friday. Learn some fun trivia about Bryan below!


Where are you from and how did you end up at Spotify?
I grew up in Minneapolis, MN, and moved to Boston to attend the Berklee College of Music. After spending several years playing in bands and finishing up school, I moved to Los Angeles and worked for Warner Music Group for 5 years before moving to Brooklyn to start working for Spotify.

What is your role at Spotify?
I’m on the label relations team at Spotify in NYC, and I work with the labels to market and promote all the records they have coming out each week. One of the biggest perks is getting to hear all sorts of amazing new music every day, and thinking of cool ways to introduce that music to the Spotify listener.

What is your most memorable concert?
It’s definitely a toss up between Beastie Boys w/ A Tribe Called Quest, in the round in 1998 on the Hello Nasty tour, and seeing Paul McCartney for the first time in 2000. I grew up on the Beastie Boys, but was also such a Beatles nerd, tough to choose one over the other.

What has been one of your coolest moments while working at Spotify?
Standing on the stage at the big Spotify warehouse party at SXSW ’13, during Kendrick Lamar’s first set of the week. The place was going nuts and Kendrick’s performance was awesome.

If you had to describe yourself in one song, what song would it be?
Faces – Ooh, La, La

What song do you have on repeat right now?
Lucius – Hey Doreen

What is the best band name ever?
The Grateful Dead

If you could choose to be in any band throughout history, which would it be?
The Band


Music To Your Fears

creepyWant to scare the pants off partygoers this Halloween? We’ve got the tunes that will ensure even the tightest of skinny jeans will shake loose.

To create a playlist that chills to the bone, our Trends Expert Shanon Cook sought help from two researchers who believe music can put us on edge by tapping into our animal instincts. Certain pieces grab our attention because they mimic the sounds of predators or their prey in distress, according to Daniel Blumstein, professor and chair for the UCLA Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, and Greg Bryant, associate professor for the UCLA Department of Communication Studies.

Those menacing DUH-dum, DUH-dum’s in the Jaws theme music that signal the approach of the great white? Turns out it’s not just Steven Spielberg’s visuals that scare us, it’s also the low frequency of the string instruments. In the wild large predators produce deeper sounds.

“Little things like babies,” says Blumstein, “just can’t sing bass. The bigger the animal the lower the frequency, and we are wired to be afraid of big things.”

Okay, we’re getting out of the water.

Sort of. Remember the music that goes with the horrifying shower scene in Psycho? Those stabbing, shrieking violins contain rapidly changing frequencies and amplitude fluctuations, characteristics of sounds that can be associated with extreme fear in the wild.

Blumstein first started studying fearful sounds when he heard baby marmots scream when caught. Animal screams, he asserts, occur when a voice is overblown – like when music through a speaker is pushed to the limit – resulting in nonlinear sounds that come across as distorted, frequency-shifting and grating.  These nonlinearities are common in music that’s intended to spook us, particularly music composed for horror films.

Not convinced? Well, Blumstein and Bryant urge that when it comes to biological wiring, it’s possible to feel scared when hearing certain sounds without actually being aware of it. It’s nature’s way of getting you to pay attention.

We also turned to award-winning composer Jason Graves, whose spooky scores ratchet up the fear for players of the video game Dead Space and the latest installment of Tomb Raider. Graves (whose surname is not a moniker, just an eerie coincidence) says making scary music is all about that journey towards what’s lurking around the corner:

“It’s the fear of the unknown,” he says. “It’s the build-up to the Boo! A psychological build-up. And the more unknown that build-up can be, the better.”

Graves says composers also unsettle listeners by including clusters of aleatoric music, or music that isn’t defined by chords or structured melodies and therefore takes on an eerie, unpredictable quality. For an example, check out the 53 second mark of Polish composer Krzysztof Penderecki’s Victims of Hiroshima. The tormenting piece was used by Stanley Kubric in The Shining and serves as a reference for Hollywood’s horror film scorers

Then there’s flipping the script altogether. To score the latest installment of Tomb Raider, Graves worked with sculptor Matt McConnell to create a 9-foot-tall sculpture (see above right) that made a variety of spooky, freaky sounds. Listen to the first two minutes of The Scavenger’s Den: what you’re hearing is Graves moving a cello bow along the sculpture’s metal spikes. 

Prepare to be spooked by Spotify’s darkest playlist to date here!