Artists Can Sell T-Shirts, Experiences, and More on Spotify

Spotify and BandPage let artists sell merchandise directly to fans.

Music lovers, we know you often want to wear your favorite artist on your sleeve, and as of today, you can. Artists can now sell everything from band clothing to vinyl on Spotify, directly to their fans, thanks to our new partnership with BandPage.

Buying directly from artists on Spotify is another great way to support the people whose music fills your days. We’ve got amazing goodies from artists all over the world. To find them, simply head over to a participating artist’s page and see what they have to offer, in addition to the music you know and love.

Alongside physical merchandise, such as the beverage-insulating “koozie” and T-shirt offered by Miranda Lambert above, artists can sell their fans unique and potentially-wonderful offers in the form of ”experiences” — everything from private online concerts to real-world meet-and-greets, the chance to collaborate on a song, guitar lessons, and other non-traditional offers sometimes found on the likes of Kickstarter.

Spotify launched merchandise sales last year with TopSpin. Now, we’re taking things even further with BandPage, which helps over half a million artists make more money online. (Neither Spotify nor BandPage receives a cut of these merchandise sales.)

If you’re an artist who wants to start selling merch and experiences through Spotify, check out our artist blog.

Or, if you’re a music fan looking for some great physical items in addition to all the music you already love on Spotify, you know where to find them.

Fill your evenings with music – Introducing Dinner and Sleep categories to Browse


We’ve been working hard on curating music for the moments that matter the most in your life. And the evening is one of those moments that is important and special to a lot of us. It’s the time of the day when we can unwind and spend time with the ones we care about the most. So today we’re launching two totally new categories – one dedicated to dinner time and another one to help you fall asleep.

For all those different, wonderful, noisy, life-changing nights.

Dinner can mean a lot of different things: it’s a three course meal with sparkling champagne, hot pancakes with ice cream or cold pizza on the couch in front of the TV. But food is not the whole experience – it is what you build around it that counts. If breakfast is the most important meal of the day, dinner is certainly the least predictable. We want you to have the best possible dinnertime, whether you’re home alone with a sandwich, or out and about surrounded by all of your best friends.

As of today, you can find playlists for all kinds of dinners in Browse. You can host a Picnic in the Park, celebrate Taco Tuesday, or cook up The Perfect Italian Dinner. We have even Flaming Hot BBQ Classics, Breakbeat BBQ and Reggae BBQ playlists to choose from.

Everybody has to eat. So, why not invite your mom, your neighbour, or that hot new fling over to chew through the issues of the day while listening to music curated exactly for that moment? Even if you burn the sauce or overcook the potatoes, everything will taste a little bit better with great music.

The eight hours to save your life

We can fight it, crave it, miss it, or skip it, but, eventually, sleep can be the most rewarding gift in our daily lives. Such is its importance – and impact on us – that some scientists now argue that, since we are asleep for between a quarter and a third of our entire lives, our dreams themselves should be considered a very potent alternate reality.

With that in mind, we’re launching Sleep as a whole new category in Browse. Sleep is your new home for synapse-stroking, non-invasive, care-banishing, pillow-smoothing, muscle-relaxing playlists – the dream-ticket for those times when you need to turn it all off, relax, and float downstream. Sleep is the ultimate release from pressure, the ultimate retreat from the cares of the day. You’ve got eight hours to save your life – why not get started right now?

Head over to Browse on Spotify to find these two new categories. We hope you enjoy them as much as we have enjoyed creating them for you.


Say Hello to Our New Web API

New Web API

Developers, start your engines. We’ve launched a new version of the Spotify Web API that lets you put everything from album art to music previews into third-party web apps, with a brand new ability to create real Spotify playlists for your users.

Developers, marketers, ad agencies, music hacking gurus, product managers, design firms, and anyone else who wants to build a Spotify web app to further their goals now have a great new tool at their disposal, with more multimedia and baked-in smarts than ever before.

The new web API gives you the power to create powerful music apps on top of Spotify, except instead of founding the company and growing it for eight years, you get to jump right in and start building stuff on day one using our music and metadata, now with the ability to create playlists.

You also get the deep musical intelligence of The Echo Nest. We’ve been hard at work integrating the two APIs so that you can make awesome stuff like this. Your apps can build real Spotify playlists for your users, leveraging all of that Echo Nest data, and all without leaving the experience you’ve designed.

 New features include:

  • Rich Metadata. The new web API lets you retrieve extensive track, album and artist details from the Spotify catalog, including cover art and 30 second track previews.
  • User Profiles & Playlists. With a user’s permission, developers can now access user profile information including playlists, display name, image, country, email, external URL, and subscriber status. Web apps powered by this new API can also build new playlists for users to enjoy later, in their Spotify apps.
  • The Echo Nest: Integrated. We’ve been hard at work with new family members, The Echo Nest, to bring the two APIs together. The result: You can build your projects atop the world’s best music service and the world’s best discovery data.

For more information, click here






New Samsung Wireless Audio Multi-Room Speakers: the first multi-room speakers with Spotify Connect!

Samsung Connect

Exciting news! Samsung’s Wireless Multi-room speakers are the first wireless multi-room speakers to launch with Spotify Connect built in!

The Samsung Wireless Audio Speaker range (M7 and M5) lets you connect your music wirelessly across multiple rooms of your home.

With Spotify Connect built in, you can stream your favourite music and playlists directly from Spotify. Hit play on your mobile or tablet, and the music booms out in any room of your home. You can even play through multiple speakers at the same time.

Easy to position in any room, these fantastic speakers look great and sound even better!

Samsung’s Wireless Audio Multiroom can be used alone or wirelessly with other Samsung devices, including TVs, Soundbars, Home Entertainment Systems and BluRay Players via Wi-Fi to create a multi-room audio system. The speakers are controlled from a downloadable app and facilitated through easy plug-and-play installation. With NFC functionality, pairing has never been easier, allowing customers to simply tap their smartphone to the Wireless Audio Multiroom to instantly play music from their mobile device.

To find out more about the new Samsung Wireless Speakers, click here.

You’ll need Premium to use Spotify Connect – try it free here



Välkommen till Spotify, Brasilien!

Nu finns Spotify i Brasilien! Dina vänner i Brasilien kan äntligen göra som 40 miljoner andra musikälskare runtom i världen och lyssna på musik på ett helt nytt sätt.

I dag finns Spotify på hela 57 marknader runtom i världen! Det betyder att det är lättare än någonsin att dela musik med vänner i andra länder, och att upptäcka ny musik från andra delar av världen.

Känner du någon i Brasilien? Skicka en låt!

Viktig information till våra användare

Vi har blivit medvetna om obehörig tillgång till våra system och interna företagsdata och ville informera er om vilka åtgärder vi vidtagit. Så fort vi blev medvetna om intrånget påbörjade vi en omedelbar utredning. Informationssäkerhet och dataskydd är av stor vikt för oss på Spotify och det är därför vi går ut med informationen idag.

Våra resultat visar att endast en Spotify-användares data har nåtts, men att det inte innehöll något lösenord, finansiell- eller betalningsinformation. Vi har kontaktat denna specifika användare. Baserat på våra utredningsresultat, känner vi inte till någon ökad risk för våra användare i samband med denna incident.

Vi tar dessa händelser på största allvar och som en allmän försiktighetsåtgärd kommer vissa Spotify-användare under de närmaste dagarna ombes att logga in på nytt.

Som en ytterligare säkerhetsåtgärd, kommer vi att be Android app-användare att uppgradera under de kommande dagarna. Om Spotify frågar efter en uppgradering, vänligen följ instruktionerna. Som alltid, rekommenderar Spotify att inte installera Android-applikationer från andra plattformar än Google Play eller Amazon Appstore. I dagsläget behöver våra iOS och Windows Phone användare inte göra något.

Vänligen notera att spellistor i offline-läge kommer att behöva laddas ner igen till den nya versionen. Vi ber om ursäkt för samtliga olägenheter orsakade av detta, men vi hoppas att ni förstår att det är en nödvändig försiktighetsåtgärd för att försäkra kvaliteten på vår tjänst och skydda våra användare.

Vi har tagit dessa åtgärder för att stärka våra system i allmänhet och för att skydda dig och dina uppgifter – och vi kommer att fortsätta att göra det. Vi kommer att vidta ytterligare åtgärder under de närmaste dagarna för att öka säkerheten för våra användare.

För mer information, vänligen följ länken här.

Oskar Stål, CTO, Spotify

A (great looking) update for our Android users

Starting today, we’re rolling out an exciting update to our Android users.

First off, we’re introducing our new darker theme, refreshed typography and rounded iconography. Playing your favourite music has never looked so good.

We’re not only improving our interface though. We know how much you love playlists, but that you’ve been looking for more ways to organise your favourite songs, albums and playlists. So over the past weeks we’ve rolled out Your Music: a feature that will help you save, organise and browse your favourite tunes.

We’re also improving our Browse feature. Regardless of whether you’re looking for something to fall asleep to, or the perfect playlist to get you geared up for your big night out, we got you covered.

The new update will start rolling out today and reach all Android users over the coming weeks.

Spotify lanserar ny design och nya funktioner


New Spotify Look

I dag lanseras det snyggaste Spotify någonsin. Vi presenterar en ny, ren design, med uppdaterad typografi och ett rundare gränssnitt. Aldrig tidigare har din favoritmusik varit så snygg. Vi vet att det är insidan som räknas, så vi snyggar inte bara till vår design. Vi vet hur mycket våra användare älskar sina spellistor, men även att de har letat efter nya vägar att organisera sin favoritmusik. Därför lanserar vi idag Your Music, som hjälper dig spara, organisera och utforska musik på ett sätt som passar dig. Allt på en plats, på alla plattformar. Att bygga din personliga musikkollektion har aldrig varit lättare.

  • Musiken står i centrum. Vår nya design gör det lättare än någonsin att få tillgång till all din favoritmusik. Det nya mörka temat och förbättrade gränssnittet framhäver innehållet och låter det stå i centrum
  • Det är din musik. Spara album och utforska deras fantastiska omslag, samla dina favoritartister och skapa spellistor. Hittat en ny favorit? Tryck bara på ”save” och lägg till den till din samling. Enklare blir det inte.
  • Vi vet att du kommer älska det. Vi har lyssnat på er fantastiska feedback för att försäkra oss om att allt ser och känns helt rätt. Ni föredrog ett mörkare gränssnitt – och nu är det här.

Vi förbättrar även Browse för att ge er ännu mer relevant och lokaliserat innehåll. Oavsett om du letar efter något att somna till, eller den perfekta spellistan inför din stora utekväll, så har det aldrig varit enklare att hitta rätt musik för varje ögonblick. Vår nya design, Your Music och det förbättrade Browse rullas gradvis ut på iPhone, Desktop och Web Player från och med i dag, och är snart tillgänglig på samtliga plattformar.








Welcome to our new friends from The Echo Nest

The Echo NestExciting news everyone! Today, we’re joining forces with pioneering music company, The Echo Nest.

The incredible team at The Echo Nest has been on a mission, just like us, to make music listening better for everyone. Together, we’ll be able to improve music discovery by bringing you amazing people to follow, better radio stations, and great playlists from friends and music experts.

Over time, The Echo Nest technology will enhance every aspect of the Spotify music experience.

So here’s to new friends!

For more info, read here



Repeat One

You asked and we listened! Today we rolled out a highly requested feature from our users, repeat one . That’s right — you can now listen to that favourite song over and over and over again.

Clicking on repeat now toggles between “no-repeat”, “repeat-all” and “repeat-one.”

We’ve rolled it to 100% users, available right now on Desktop 0.9.7+.  Android and iOS will be supported in upcoming releases – watch this space!