Avicii’s 200m Stream Bombshell

Wake Me Up is the Spotify’s Most Streamed Track ever…

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Avicii’s Wake Me Up is now the most-played song of all time on Spotify having – just today - gone north of the 200 million streams barrier. Avicii’s monster hit was the fastest song ever to reach the 100 million streams landmark back in September of last year and Wake Me Up reached number one in 19 countries across the world.

“I’m so excited to be the first artist to reach 200 million streams on Spotify,” Avicii said. “I’ve had an amazing year, so a massive thanks to all of my fans!”

In case you’re wondering, the 10 cities the track has been most streamed in are: Stockholm, Oslo, Gothenburg, London, New York, Madrid, Malmö, Barcelona, Copenhagen and Los Angeles. Meanwhile, currently at Number Two in the Most Streamed Ever Chart are Imagine Dragons with 182m plays of Radioactive.


According to Anders Fridén: How It All Began


Post by: Anders Fridén, lead singer of In Flames.

So where do I begin? When I was just 5 years of age, sitting next to my parents stereo with enormous headphones going through all of their vinyls? When I was 10, begging my mom I could stay up late to watch a live broadcast from Dortmund Westfalenhallen with artist such as Judas priest, Iron maiden, Scorpions, Ozzy and Quiet riot to name a few (this show had a giant impact on little Anders)?

When I was 16 and joined the band that was to become Dark tranquility? When I was 20 and begged the owner of Studio Fredman to give me an internship? When I was 22 and joined In flames? 3 years ago when I decided to start a record company or just a year ago when I joined forces with Razzia records and we started Razzia notes?

All I can say is that I love music, I’m married to music and that is something I will try show you through this playlist the coming months (or however long they want me to roam the net). This first one, I just try to show you where I come from and some songs that inspired me. Also I threw in some stuff from my label, Razzia notes. Artists that I’m extremely proud of.

For the love of music, take a moment…


Presenting “According to Anders Fridén” – lead singer of In Flames

Spotify proudly announces a new collaboration with Anders Fridén, lead singer of the world renowned metal band In Flames. On October 30th, Anders will launch his own playlist, “According To,” exclusively on Spotify and also start writing columns for our blog. We asked him to explain a bit more about the project.


Hi Anders! What’s this about?

Simply a way for me to share damn good music. I’m a big consumer of all sorts of music, and I myself love to get tips on something new or something that I’ve I missed.

What kind of songs will end up on your playlist?

I think I will focus on rock/metal, but I may also slip in other genres when I get the feeling. That happens a lot.

You will also write columns on the Spotify blog, what will those be about?

I do not know yet, haha! I shoot from the hip. They will obviously revolve around music: how I got where I am today and what life was like when I was naive and didn’t have to think about what was right and wrong. I probably can’t keep myself from writing about beer, whiskey, food and all that other stuff that makes life feel a little easier sometimes.

What’s happening with In Flames in the near future?

Right now we are writing new hit songs, and we will soon enter the studio to make album number eleven…. Number eleven! Holy shit!

What is your favorite song right now and why?

My label Razzia Notes released the debut album from a band called Dead Soul. There are a lot of amazing songs, but one that stands out for me right now is the song Dead Soul – Kill the Past. As a lyricist, I love when the lyrics marry well with the music, and in this case, such great lyrics! Dark and beautiful.

OK Spotifiers…. October 30th, save the date!

We’ll be launching this feature, “According To,” with Anders Fridén! You will find Anders’ playlist and column on our blog.


Lars Vaular intervju

20. september gikk Lars Vaular inn i sitt tjueniende år, de siste ti av dem som prisvinnende rapper og plateartist. Begge deler har blitt feiret hele september igjennom, med slippet av hans femte album 1001 Hjem. 1001 Hjem er en samling fortellinger, som igjen danner utgangspunkt for en rekke fortolkninger. I form av musikkvideoer, litterære tekster, illustrasjoner, fotoserier med mer. Delt inn i tre kapitler hvor alt slippes på albumets egen nettportal, www.1001hjem.no. Nettstedet fungerer som et digital platecover og har til nå sluppet de to P3-listede låtene “Nonsens” & “Gary Speed”. Vi tok en prat med Lars i forbindelse med albumreleasen.


Kul hjemmeside du har. Hvor innvolvert har du vært i alt dette utover musikken? Videoene, hjemmesiden, osv (http://www.1001hjem.no)?

- Tusen takk. Jeg er veldig involvert i alt som har navnet mitt på, og har hatt en fin dialog med illustratør Mikael Fløysand gjennom hele prosessen. Han forstår meg på en måte jeg er veldig imponert over, og har videreført ideene mine slik jeg drømte om. Videoene har jeg også hatt ganske mye med å gjøre, mens de skjønnlitterære tekstene som du kan lese på siden har vært helt opp til forfatterene å komme opp med. Det er viktig for meg at folk som jobber med meg har visse rammer å jobbe innenfor, men at disse rammene ikke begrenser kreativiteten.

Hvilken låt forandret ditt liv og hvorfor?

Snoop doggy dogg – this is for the g’z n this is for the hustlas! Kuleste låten.

Hva er temaet på albumet?

Barn som blir voksne og voksne som blir barn.

Fortell om den første låten du skrev?

Første solosangen jeg skrev som jeg spilte inn var en slags mos def lignende raplåt på engelsk. Sang på refrenget om å stikke vekk. Anand laget beaten på reason.

Hva er det som kjennetegner din musikk?


Hvilke album kan du ikke leve uten?

Dizzee Rascal – Boy In Da Corner

Benjamin from MGMT – The Spotify Interview

The psychedelic rock duo MGMT are back with new music, and we talked to band member Benjamin Goldwasser about first impressions in college, music that changes your life, and the theme from ‘Ghostbusters’.


We met Benjamin Goldwasser from MGMT when him and his band mate Andrew VanWyngarden played in Stockholm. Right now they are touring intensively in support of  their latest album, MGMT. Benjamin describesMGMT as pretty different musically in comparison with their previous records. “We’ve been trying some different ways of writing songs. We’ve been more patient with ourselves, and worked on something for a longer period of time until we got this feeling of something happening, instead of forcing it. It’s getting back to the spirit of how the band was when we first started making music together” he says.

Q: You and Andrew met during your freshman year of college. What was your first impression of eachother?

A: We hit it off right away. We were hanging out with the same group of friends and we had both come to college as musicians who were looking for other people to play with. We played in lots of different bands, separate from each other, and started writing music together just for fun. We didn’t really think of it as a band at that point, we were just kind of hanging out and gradually we realized that we were actually in a band. We were pretty close friends from the beginning and went on a lot of road trips together, driving around the United States, going to visit friends from college out in the mid-west somewhere. It was the first time I ever really saw the country. The first tour we did was just the two of us in his pick-up truck, just driving to all of these crazy places. It was cool.

Q: When your debut album came out, it was an instant hit. What was it like to have that major success with your best friend?

A: We didn’t really expect anything like that. For a while, we didn’t even believe that it was happening. We thought it was just a dream and that we would wake up from it. After a while, a lot of the fame and that side of things started to wear on us, we’re not really the kind of people who care about things like that. It’s great to be recognized for what you do and have people like it, but for people to expect us to be rock starts all the time… It’s not who we are and I think we care more about making good music and giving people something meaningful to listen to. That’s the main priority for us, so we were kind of relieved when a lot of the hype died down and we could just go back to making music.

Q: Tell us about your first gig!

A: It was a talent show in our dorm, we performed the theme from Ghostbusters for twenty minutes. It ended with Andrew laying down, rolling around on the floor telling everyone to leave. That was history.

Q: Oh wow. Had you prepared that or was it just in the moment?

- We had prepared a little bit. We had a loop with the chords forGhostbusters, but that was about it! I think some people liked it and some people really hated it, which hasn’t really changed for us. Except that there are more people listening now. I think we’ve always gotten mixed reactions, but people react strongly to what we do, and to me that is the best compliment.

Q: Have you ever gone back to your college and played?

A: Yeah, we’ve been back a few times. We’ve actually kind of overdue for another visit, it’s been a long time. We still love going back there. It’s a pretty special place and a cool crowd of people. It’s a cool combination of really smart people and creative people who like to have a good time.

Q: Are you a legendary band there?

A: I don’t know what it’s like for them now. When we went to college there, there were a few kind of famous bands or filmmakers who had come out of that school. We heard about them, but we were kind of over it at that point. We wanted to do our own thing. I kind of hope that it will be like that for people there now.  Maybe they’re proud of the fact that we came from there, but at the same time they won’t try to replicate whatever we did.

Q: What would you say is the ultimate goal with your music?

A: Mostly to capture the feeling that we get when we listen to music that we really like. People listen to music because it gives them kind of this visceral feeling that they can’t get from anything else. We just want to make more of that for other people and try to make something different from what is already out there. Maybe expose people to new ideas, new ways of listening to music, or paying attention to the world around them.

Q: Do you remember a song from when you were younger that had that effect on you?

A: One of the first bands that I heard in high school that really got me to start thinking about music differently was King Crimson. I know that for most people it’s not a cool band by any means, but I remember hearing it and at first I couldn’t stand it. It sounded awful to me, I couldn’t understand why anybody would make music like that. Then I decided that I was gonna listen to it until I figured out what was going on, and try to appreciate it because I could tell that whatever they were doing, they meant it. To me, that was an important lesson. If somebody really means something by what they’re doing, it’s worth a try to get into it.

Q: What is next for MGMT?

A: Touring is gonna be one of the big things right now, and we will hopefully be doing some festivals next summer. We really want to come over to Europe and do festivals again, because we kind of missed out on the last tour. We are also talking about how much we want to start working on another album already. Hopefully we will be able to do some work on that while we’re touring. We’re already excited to put more music out.


Tooji intervju

Tooji ble i 2012 manges favoritt etter deltagelsen i Eurovision, men så ble det stille fra artisten. Til nå. «Rebels» kan på alle måter kalles et comeback for Tooji, og den rykende ferske singelen er minst like catchy som man kunne håpet på. Vi bare måtte finne ut mer, så vi huket tak i Tooji for en kjapp prat.


Fortell om din nye singel, «Rebels». Hva er det vi hører?

Sangen handler om å “face” seg selv. Trå ut av komfort sonen vår og tørre å følge hjertet. Vi er alle vår verste fiende, og det er som oftet vi selv som holder oss tilbake. Soundet er både dramatisk, dynamisk foregår i et visuelt tidløst landskap.

Hvordan skiller dette seg fra det du har gjort tidligere?

Rebels er den første singelen hvor jeg introduserer mitt alter ego/artistiske jeg, både musikalsk og visuelt. Musikken er der jeg får utløp og reiser inn i et landskap som både er dramatisk, følsomt og mørkt. Jeg er takknemlig for at jeg etter så mange år kan dele dette med publikum, og vise mitt sanne jeg. Det har jeg ventet lenge på.

Hva er det som kjennetegner din musikk?

Jeg beveger meg alltid innenfor pop, men eksperimenterer mellom det organiske og harde elektroniske. Mye “native american” inspirert landskap med inspirasjon fra 60-tallet (nancy sinatra, meiko kaji, Googoosh), brakt inn og blandet med moderne pop.

Hvilke tre album kan du ikke leve uten?

Kill Bill Vol. 1 Original Soundtrack – Kill Bill Vol. 1 Original Soundtrack

Devendra Banhart – Cripple Crow

Goldfrapp – Tales Of Us

Hva hører du på akkurat nå?

Lana del Rey

Hvor kan man se deg spille neste gang?

Wherever my path takes me.  ….. who knows?


Syv fakta om Avicii

Endelig er det her, Aviciis lenge etterlengtede debutalbum «TRUE»!  For å feire dette, har vi bedt Avicii om å gi oss syv fakta om seg selv til Spotify-brukerne.  Er du klar? -13

Første plassen jeg noen gang opptrådte som DJ: Louie i Miami, tilbake i 2010. 

 Personen jeg drømmer om å samarbeide med: Adele, hun har en helt utrolig stemme. 

 Denne tilbakemeldingen vil jeg aldri glemme: Da jeg hørte Pete Tong snakke om min første premiere, låten «Man Man», under sendingen hans i 2009. 

 Første instrumentet jeg lærte meg å spille: Gitar. 

 Artisten jeg misunner: Jeg prøver å unngå å sammenligne meg selv med andre – Jeg gjør min egen greie og fokuserer 110 % på det. 

Sangen som forandret livet mitt: Byron Stingily – Get Up (Everybody).  Denne sangen er en gammel klassiker. Enkel, men likevel fantastisk!

Mitt beste råd til alle håpefulle DJ-er der ute: Ikke gi opp! Det tar lang tid å virkelig få taket på produksjonsdelen. Det samme gjelder for mestring av skivene. 

 Hør Aviciis debutalbum  TRUE nå, her på Spotify! 


Celebrate your childhood hero with a song

World Childhood Foundation has made it possible for you to thank someone, who has made ​​a difference in your childhood, with a song. Spotify is a partner in the new campaign, and the launch event took place at our headquarters in Stockholm.

On the 6th of September, the red carpet was rolled out on Spotify’s headquarters in Stockholm when the World Childhood Foundation and Princess Madeleine of Sweden unveiled the new campaign Thank You. With this campaign, you can send a special song to someone who has been important to you in your childhood, with a message to thank them. Princess Madeleine is the project administrator for Childhood, and in an introduction video for Thank You, she sent the song “Walking On A Dream” by Empire of the Sun to her mother Queen Silvia, with the message “for all the times you stayed up and listened.”

The world famous DJ Tiësto also sent a video message that was shown to all guests at the launch event. He wanted to dedicate a song to his mother, who is an important part of his life, and always has been there for him. The song was his own “Love Is the Answer – Tiesto Remix”, and all the proceeds for it go to Childhood.

Spotify is proud to be a partner to the Thank You campaign, and we think this is a fantastic opportunity to combine love of music with caring for humanity. If you want to send a thank you to an important person from your childhood or give a donation to Childhood, visit ThankYou.org