No more time limits on Spotify – #freeyourmusic


In case you missed the news, you can now get Spotify on your mobile or tablet, absolutely free. Find the right music and shuffle play it on any iOS or Android device.

But what about listening to music on your computer – with no time restrictions?

In the past, we had to restrict your listening time to some hours a month once a 6-month unlimited grace period had passed. But now, if you haven’t noticed, there’s no more time limit if you are using Spotify for free. We have removed these caps completely across all platforms – you can listen to your favourite songs as many times as you like, for as long as you want.

That’s right, no more time limits.

Music makes you happy – why limit your happiness? #FreeYourMusic

What’s the Story (Morning Glory)?: Oasis now on Spotify


It’s time to break out the cigarettes and alcohol, because Britpop legends Oasis are now available on Spotify.

Starting today, if you are an Oasis fan living in the UK, Ireland, Belgium, Netherlands, France, Spain or Portugal you can now enjoy the band’s entire catalogue on Spotify.

You can start by checking out Bobby Gillespie‘s personal selection of his Top Ten Oasis tracks playlist:

Our Interview with Daria van den Bercken

Daria van den Bercken
“I’m not interested in changing the music, just, sometimes, the context…”

Dutch/Russian classical pianist – and Eddie Izzard fan – Daria van den Bercken recently performed a series of pieces by Handel while being towed by a car around Amsterdam. Last year she appeared at the Virada Cultural festival in São Paulo, Brazil where she played 25 meters above the ground – at midnight – and gave a highly entertaining TED Talk about the power of music, so, as you can imagine, when Daria came into record a Spotify Session in Amsterdam there were a few things we wanted to ask her,

Why is Handel so important to you?
There is a relationship here – some music just fits you and Handel fitted me perfectly. His music is energetic, it has melancholy and energy, and it always has a positive undercurrent. You can feel each small pain and wish. I like those contrasts and I enjoy the physicality of playing it. But also Handel is kind of underplayed. Beethoven and Mozart are both played a lot, so there is a whole world of information you have as a musician with all the different interpretations of their music. With Handel, it was just me and the music, because there’s a lot less baggage, a lot less perfomance history. The crucial thing is to spread the music, it’s not about stunts.

Unless they’re super exciting.
Well, yes. An Italian promoter has already offered me twenty shows flying over crowds, but I don’t want to become The Flying Piano Lady. I don’t want to be a gimmick.

How did you begin playing music?
I guess my parents noticed how I loved music, so I started piano when I was six and began to sing in a choir at seven. My parents always had music playing in the house too. I’m half Russian, so we had a lot of Soviet records! I remember going to concerts and hearing a piano concerto and being totally swept up by it. I wasn’t a ‘Wunderkind’, I learned many things gradually and over time. I had time to think about it and I worked hard. So I had a talent, but I wasn’t a prodigy.

In your TED talk you touch on that constant state of wonder that kids have. Are these events your way of trying to reinstill that sense of wonder in adults?
Exactly. I wanted to reach out and catch people unexpectedly! I played at a bank the other day – they don’t usually do that kind of thing, but I know a lot of people would not normally listen to the music I love, so I wanted to reach out to them, take the music to where they are?

Does the perfect piece of music exist?
I love that question! I’d have to think about it. Beethoven wrote some music that was so weird and gripping that it could have been written fifty or a hundred years from now. There is a piano sonata, Opus 101, that goes beyond anything you’ve ever heard before. I don’t understand it, but I love it. True art reaches forward. Radiohead have almost done that, I think a lot of their music is for later generations, maybe we don’t understand all of it yet.

Finally – crucially – what’s your favourite noise?
Oh, it’s one combined with smell. You can hear people mowing their grass, then you get the scent and that for me is the best. Then it goes silent and you’re left with only the scent. But I also love one beautiful chord being followed by another one – my internal strings are definitely struck by that!

Need Spotify in the kitchen? Argon Audio introduces the first table top radio with Spotify Connect.

In the further endeavors to enjoy music in our lives we realize the importance of letting the music permeate these everyday situations – May it be the living room, on the road or in the kitchen. The table top radio has always been the regular guest in the kitchen and with the latest firmware in Argon Audio’s iNet2+ radio Spotify Connect enters this world!

Through your trusted Spotify app you can now easily play your favorite music and playlists directly on the iNet2+ radio. And if you have other Spotify Connect units in your home you can enjoy the features of changing the music as you move from room to room. Everything you know and love from Spotify is also available with the Spotify Connect units.

For further information about the Argon Audio iNet2+ and the firmware update, visit
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Goed nieuws voor je woonkamer! Vanaf vandaag is Spotify in meer dan 30 landen beschikbaar op LG Smart TV’s.


Goed nieuws: voortaan komt Spotify nog verder je woonkamer in! Vanaf vandaag is Spotify in meer dan 30 landen beschikbaar op LG Smart TV’s.

Met de Spotify-tv-app hebben Premium-gebruikers toegang tot meer dan 20 miljoen nummers. De app is compatibel met alle modellen LG Smart TV’s uit 2013. Luister naar je favoriete artiesten, ontdek nieuwe muziek en profiteer van kant-en-klare afspeellijsten voor elke stemming en uit elk genre.
Je kunt ook je muziek en afspeellijsten met je vrienden delen via Facebook.

Spotify installeren op je LG Smart TV is heel simpel: zorg ervoor dat je Smart TV met internet is verbonden en download de Spotify-app. Vervolgens meld je je aan of maak je een nieuw account.

Nieuwe gebruikers kunnen eenvoudig een account maken binnen de app en Spotify Premium 30 dagen helemaal gratis uitproberen.

Rocklegende Led Zeppelin heeft zich bij ons gevoegd!

Screen Shot 2013-12-10 at 3.48.48 PMTot onze grote vreugde kunnen we laten weten dat ook Led Zeppelin nu streamt via Spotify! Led Zeppelin was het verbluffende debuut waarmee de band in één keer de ultieme sterrenstatus bereikte, en nu, 45 jaar later, kan de muziek van Led Zeppelin voor het eerst in de geschiedenis en alleen via Spotify on-demand worden gestreamd.

Deze week worden er elke dag twee albums toegevoegd. Vandaag gaan we van start met Led Zeppelin en de grandioze opvolger, Led Zeppelin II. Vanaf dinsdag kun je dan de gehele Zep-collectie grijsdraaien.


Zet het volume maar eens wat hoger, en luister nu naar Led Zeppelin.

Muziek voor iedereen. Nu gratis op je mobiele apparaat.


Gebruik Spotify nu geheel gratis op je mobiele telefoon of tablet. Zoek de juiste muziek en speel deze in willekeurige volgorde af op een iOS- of Android-apparaat.

Dit kun je met Spotify free op je mobiele apparaat:

  • Neem je afspeellijsten overal met je mee.
  • Maak nieuwe afspeellijsten, speel ze in willekeurige volgorde af en deel ze.
  • Zoek een artiest en speel de gehele collectie op willekeurige volgorde af.
  • Kies een kant-en-klare afspeellijst die bij je stemming past.
  • Volg artiesten en vrienden.
  • Stem af op Spotify Radio.

Dat klinkt toch goed? Spotify op je mobiele apparaat.