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Spotify paints it black with new look

New Spotify Look

Today we’re launching the best-looking Spotify ever. Introducing a new darker theme, refreshed typography and rounded iconography, playing your favourite music has never looked so good. We’re not only improving our looks though. We know how much you love playlists, but that you’ve been looking for more ways of managing your music. So today we’re introducing Your Music: helping you save, organise and browse your favourite music the way you want to. All in one place, and across all platforms. Building your personal music collection just got a lot easier.

  • Content is king. Our new design makes accessing your favourite music smoother than ever before. The new dark theme and refined interface lets the content come forward and ‘pop’, just like in a cinema when you dim the lights.
  • It’s Your Music collection. Save albums and browse their beautiful cover art, gather your favourite artists and create playlists for every mood and moment. Found a song or album that you like? Just hit save to add it to your collection. It’s that simple.
  • We know you’ll love it. We’ve listened to all your great feedback to ensure that everything looks and feels just right. You told us you preferred a darker interface – so here it is.

We’re also improving our Browse feature, delivering even more relevant and localised content. So regardless of whether you’re looking for something to fall asleep to, or the perfect playlist to get you geared up for your big night out, finding the right music for every moment is easier than ever. Our new design, Your Music and the updated Browse will roll out gradually to our iPhone, desktop and web users from today, and will soon be available across all platforms. Welcome to the dark side.


Listen for the first time to Johnny Cash’s long lost album – ‘Out Among The Stars’

Out Among The Stars

Throughout his five decades in music, Johnny Cash was very strict in his dedication to both sound and style. He always knew exactly what he wanted to do and exactly how it should appear – that dedication meant all the music he created was definitively Johnny Cash music.

However, by 1980, Cash felt that country music had evolved and incorporated sounds that ran against his personal signature. Put simply, his blend of folk and that rolling, “boom-chicka-boom” beat was out of vogue amongst the growing wave of “country-politan” musicians that were becoming increasingly popular. So, in an effort to grow his technique, Cash started recording sessions with people who were enjoying major success with this new country sound. First up, he employed an expanded band, featuring a young Marty Stuart on guitar and fiddle, as well as long-time duet partners June Carter Cash and Waylon Jennings, but much of what was recorded on those sessions was locked away. Over the years almost everything was lost, destined never to be heard again.

Until today.


Discovered in 2012, Out Among The Stars is truly a lost, previously unreleased Johnny Cash album. These aren’t alternate takes or different versions of songs that you’ve heard. These are brand new songs to the Cash canon.

Completed in 2013 by Johnny’s only son John Carter Cash, this is a pivotal Johnny Cash album and only now is it ready to be enjoyed by everyone – because The Man in Black is back.



Coldplay… Back!

The new single – Magic – is live on Spotify now.


Coldplay, arguably the biggest band in the world right now, are debuting their new single on Spotify. Magic, taken from their new – sixth – studio album Ghost Stories, to be released May 19, is the first new music they’ve revealed since Atlas from the soundtrack to last summer’s Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

A stripped-back track that builds with a subtle power, Magic features a warm, strummed bassline, some crisp, synthetic drums and a tumbling, soaring Chris Martin vocal.

Add a ringing guitar part and a classic Coldplay whoop and you have a piece that is touched by modern RnB and outright radio-melting super-rock all at the same time. Magic points towards a whole new era for the band – where there’ll go next is impossible to say – a fact that only makes it all even more intriguing.

February Beats presented by @thursplay

Here’s what you’ll listen to on this October Beats by our friends at @thursplay :thursplay

On this February Beats by @thursplay [2014] you can listen to: “If I Could Change Your Mind” by L.A. based HAIM, “Don’t Wanna Dance” by Danish singer and songwriter MØ; latest single by BANKS called “Brain”, “A Wonderful World” by Conor Patrick & The Shooting Tsar Orchestra, “Klapp Klapp” by Swedish trip hop band Little Dragon.

Still on this playlist: Kidnap Kid with “So Close”, St. Vincent with the single “Prince Johnny”, Swedish musician Elliphant with “Shoot me Down” and another 7 handpicked indie tracks for you to enjoy this month.

What were your favorite releases during February?

Share tham with us today on Twitter using the hashtag #thursplay.

We’re updating our Windows Phone app!

We’re happy to announce that two new updates are coming to Windows Phone 8 users this spring. The first Spotify update brings the much-anticipated Radio, Browse and Discover features. This means that you will be able to listen to personalized radio stations, browse for what’s hot and what’s new, or discover more music.

The update also brings significant improvements and a brand new design and will be available to users later this spring.

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This new update will be available for Spotify Premium subscribers at the beginning. But the recently announced Spotify Free for mobile will also be arriving on Windows Phone – follow us on twitter to keep yourself up to date.

In the meantime, you can also sign up for a free trial of Spotify Premium.


Which playlist reflects your relationship status?

We’ve created 5 different playlists that fit 5 different types of relationship status. Take this test to find out the playlist that suits yours.


Hola. Helo. Tere. Sveiki. 你好. Selamat datang.

Exciting times! Today we’re thrilled to announce that we’re bringing a new world of music to eight new markets across the globe.

We’re taking our first steps in Latin America with Mexico, and Asia with Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Singapore. Plus we’re thrilled to make new friends in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Iceland.

This fantastic step now brings us to 28 markets and closer to our dream of making all the world’s music available instantly to everyone, wherever and whenever they want it.

Happy listening!

Our Interview with Tulisa

2013 is my year of no more drama…”, Tulisa

Having walked up six flights of stairs to her management team’s swanky Central London offices, it’s hardly surprising to find some time N-Dubz chanteuse, full-time X Factor judge and solo starlet Tulisa laid out on a sofa. “Do you mind if I lay down for the interview?” she asks us, looking unsurprisingly shattered. “It’s not being filmed is it?” There are two gaping holes in the bottom of her tights. At one point a big toe makes an indiscrete appearance.

Tulisa has every right to need a bit of a lie down. In-between furiously prepping for Spotify’s grilling (ahem), she’s also been rehearsing for her maiden performance on The X Factor (this interview happened a couple of weeks before this weekend’s final) in support of her solo album, The Female Boss. With Dappy and Fazer currently pursuing solo projects, this is now Tulisa’s time to shine. First though, we need to find out how much she’s been missing Rylan Clark…

So, how has The X Factor been for you this year?
It’s funny because even though I’ve not been that successful with my acts, as a person, and my level of confidence, are a lot better than I was last year.

There was a lot of focus on you last year, wasn’t there?
Definitely. I think there still is [laughs]. Not in a big-headed way, but in the sense that I’m always being caned by the media.

What was it about Ella Henderson that the audience didn’t connect with?
I don’t think they didn’t connect with her, I just think she’s one of those acts that people assumed would get through. I think people assumed she was safe and she was one of those acts where people would wait until the final to pick up the phone. It was a case of having to get her to the final and unfortunately it was just one week where the votes slipped. It was on the week of her best performance as well.

Are you sad that Rylan’s gone?

People forget that pop’s meant to be fun sometimes don’t they?
Yeah. He was the fun part of pop. He’s fun-pop. Some people complain about it, but if he wasn’t on the show they wouldn’t have had that much fun watching it. That’s the truth, whether they watched it to love or hate.

What do you make of the state of pop in 2012?
I think it’s been altered so many times. You know when something just gets diluted again and again and again? I don’t really know what pop is anymore. It’s become a combination of pop, urban, old school and dance – there’s a little bit of everything now. I think ‘urban’ has come forward a lot more. It’s funny, what our idea of urban was how ever many years ago is now more commercial, but if we were to go over to America with what we call urban music they would look at us and go, “but this is cheese pop!” I remember going over to America with N-Dubz and they were like “what do you do?” and we said we were an urban British act and they’d hear our music and go [puts on American accent], “you’re not urban.”

R&B is going through quite a weird phase at the moment too, with a lot of R&B singer turning to Guetta-esque LOL-pop now.
Yeah. Dance is really the big thing at the moment isn’t it?

Would N-Dubz have ever auditioned for The X Factor if it had been around then?
No. Because we started off as a grime and garage act and that is always how we wanted to come into the industry and there’s no place for grime or garage on The X Factor. I think maybe if The X Factor was around in twenty years it might be possible, but the state of the industry as it is now there’s no way they’d accept it.

Do you think a rapper could win?
I think someone that sings and raps might have a chance.

You had quite a difficult childhood – did you ever seek solace in music?
All the time.

What kind of things did you listen to?
I listened to everything. I was very urban. I loved my old school R&B but at the same time I loved garage, I loved grime, I loved hip-hop, just pretty much everything urban. Up until the age of 11 it was all Spice Girls, Michael Jackson, Backstreet Boys, Eminem and then after 11 it just took a transition into everything urban.

Who were the strong female singers that you were attracted to?
I loved Aaliyah. I loved Lil’ Mo, vocally. I really loved this rapper called Ms Jade.

What Mary J Blige?
Oh yeah, I brought the No More Drama album.

That would have made a great Tulisa album title.
[Laughs] Good one! Yeah it would, you know. 2013 is my year of no more drama.

What was the first single you ever bought?
I didn’t ever buy singles, but I know my first album was Michael Jackson’s Bad.

What was the last album you brought?
These days I tend to download individual singles. I don’t really download albums anymore. The albums I buy are more likely to be old school ones that I haven’t heard for years. This is a bit random, but Lily Allen’s The Fear was like that as I saw the video on TV and I thought, “I remember this song, I can relate to this right now!”

What song would you put on to ‘get the party started’, as P!nk once said?
My motivational song is Prodigy’s Smack My Bitch up. That’s what gets me going.

Does the perfect song exist?
Yeah – and it’s the Prodigy’s Smack My Bitch Up! It’s my favourite song of all time. That and All Saint’s Pure Shores. Two random ones and yet funnily enough, two of them ended up married.

What’s your favourite musical note?
Oh God, I don’t have one!

You know people are always banging on about people being in the wrong key on The X Factor: do you have a favourite key?
Okay, so my key is… How could you put it? Right, if you had five keys, five being the highest and one being the lowest, I would probably be at four. That’s where I’m comfortable.

Can you go up to five?
I can go up to five but not in falsetto, in power voice. I don’t have much of a falsetto, but I have a full voice.

Who would you most like to collaborate with?
I’ve always wanted to do a tune with the Prodigy because I’m such a massive fan.

If you could be any band for a week, which one would you chose?
Good question. I’ve never been asked that before, wow, you’re good. I’ve never, ever had that before, I love it when I get a good question.

Tulisa, tell me, are you being sarcastic?
No I’m not, I swear to God! I get really excited when someone asks me a new question. You’re making me think. Any band? Well, I’d like to be in Swedish House Mafia. Just to hang with them and do all the Ibiza parties.

Why do you think they’re giving it all up?
I guess it must get pretty crazy after a while. Well, even I know that [laughs]! I do it every summer and I have to have interludes and breaks.

If the Government imposed a law stating you could only own one album for the rest of your life, what would yours be?
That’s hard. You evil man! The thought of it makes me feel sick. It would have to be something old school. Let me think of my favourite albums… Well, Michael Jackson’s Bad is one of them. Destiny’s Child The Writing’s On The Wall. And Michael Jackson’s HIStory.

Maybe they’d let you have three, bearing in mind you’re a popstar?
Because I’m a musician I get Brownie points? So I would say Destiny’s Child The Writing’s On The Wall, Michael Jackson’s HIStory, because it’s got a bit of everything on it, then I’d say Ms Jade, Girl Interrupted.

Spotify just got louder. Here’s Metallica

With millions of fans the world over and nearly a dozen multi-platinum albums under their belt, Metallica are undoubtedly the most successful hard rock band in history.

We’re thrilled to announce that for the first time EVER, music spanning Metallica’s 30+ year career is now available to stream – only on Spotify.

We know. Incredible.

It’s yours to listen to right now.

So are you ready to rock? Listen to Metallica now!