Connect to some good vibrations.


We can’t get enough of Libratone’s quirky Scandinavian design and innovative approach to sound.

Their network speakers use acoustic-filtering organic wool to fill any room with good vibrations. And they now feature Spotify Connect. Which, of course, is music to our ears.

Feast your eyes on the Libratone Loop and Libratone Zipp. Look out for the update on Libratone’s iOS/Android app to upgrade the firmware and get one of these beauties playing all your favourite Spotify tunes.


Emotional Music


We know that there’s always that song that makes us smile, take us back to an exact moment, or bring us to tears… Music can have powerful effects on our emotions and with this in mind, we worked alongside Jacob Jolij, Professor in Cognitive Psychology and Neuroscience at the University of Groningen, to reveal some of the songs that trigger the clearest emotional responses.

  1. Happiness – Katy Perry, Birthday

Happy songs are up-tempo, have strong rhythm, positive lyrics, and are typically in a major key. The up-tempo rhythm of Katy Perry’s Birthday will encourage active movement and dopamine release, which is good for your mood.

Furthermore some research suggests that the major key unconsciously reminds you of a falling pitch – a feature which in both human and animal vocalisations asserts dominance and confidence.

  1. Sadness – OneRepublic, I Need

Sad songs have the opposing features of happy songs: they are slower and in a minor key – with the lyrics generally more negative.

The minor key present in OneRepublic’s I Need unconsciously reminds the human mind of a rising pitch, which is associated with defeat and uncertainty.

  1. Optimism – American Authors, Best Day of My Life

Optimism is what psychologists call a complex emotion – it is not ‘built in’ our system by nature, but it is an emotion we learn to experience over time.

Optimistic feelings require happiness, so optimistic songs will share many features with happy songs: major key, upbeat. However lyrics – such as those in American Authors’ Best Day of My Life – are more important here as they provide the additional context to build optimism rather than purely improving mood.

  1. Anger – David Guetta, Bad

Anger is a basic emotion. It is negative, and as such associated with songs in a minor key. However, as opposed to sadness, anger is what we call an approach-emotion: it involves movement, a dimension anger shares with happiness.

Combine these two and you’ve got a recipe for songs that may help in channelling our angry feelings: up-tempo songs with a strong rhythm, in a minor key, such as David Guetta’s Bad.

  1. Overcoming fear – Coldplay, Magic

Fear is a negative emotion, characterised by a stress response that prepares you for a ‘fight-or-flight’ reaction.

In the modern age, we often experience the same stress responses in situations where the ‘fight or flight’ response isn’t beneficial – such as an interview or presentation. In order to overcome fear, the very first thing you need to do is to minimise your stress response, followed by managing your internal thoughts. Music that can help you to overcome fear therefore needs to be slow, relaxing, but have major chords to evoke positive feelings, and lyrics that deal with your negative thoughts, such as Coldplay’s Magic.

  1. Excitement – Avicii, Wake Me Up

The hormones present in the body when we are described as being ‘excited’ – such as adrenalin and endorphins – mean that excited people crave music that is positive, usually in a major key, yet more up-tempo and with a stronger beat than your typical ‘happy’ song.

And when you’re dancing with excitement to Avicii’s Wake Me Up, the lyrics in excited songs aren’t as important as they are to other moods such as anger or nostalgia.

  1. Nostalgia – John Legend, All of Me

John Legend’s All of Me is an example of a song destined to be a nostalgic hit.

For many the sentimental lyrics will remind them of somebody special, improving the probability of linking the song to other senses – such as sights or smells – meaning the iconic 2014 hit All of Me is a reliable track to provoke nostalgia in listeners for years to come.

Take a listen to the top seven emotion-inducing tracks here and check out more of our mood-focused playlists by surfing the ‘Genres and Moods’ section in the Browse feature.


Miami Horror announce National tour – Proudly presented by Spotify



Miami Horror are back in a big way with new single ‘Wild Motion (Set It Free)’ and a national tour this September. Recently settling in Los Angeles, the five-piece found inspiration in the glowing year-round Californian sun, set up a home studio, and eagerly started experimenting to release singles Real Slow and Colours in the Sky over the Summer of 2013/2014.

‘Wild Motion (Set It Free)’ oozes the recognisably catchy and upbeat vibes which MiamiHorror have taken ownership of since 2009’s debut EP Bravado & hit single ‘Sometimes’. Yet with ‘Wild Motion (Set It Free)’, the band have reached a new pinnacle of their songwriting. The track showcases the ever-growing production talent of the band and producer Benjamin Plant, the huge soothing vocal harmonies of singer Josh Moriarty and a monumental vintage-sounding riff that sets the scene for the band’s new direction.

The new single has been unleashed in conjunction with the announcement of a national tour which will take the band to Brisbane, Canberra, Sydney, Coffs Harbour,Adelaide, Melbourne, Karratha and Fremantle this September. Tour dates and ticketing details  can be found here.

Wild-MotionTour Poster




American Authors announce Australia and New Zealand tour – Proudly presented by Spotify


Brooklyn-based alt rock band American Authors will be returning to Australia and visiting New Zealand for the first time thisyear to play shows in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and Auckland.

Band members Zac Barnett, James Adam Shelley, Dave Rublin and Matt Sanchez left the Berklee College of Music in Boston where they met to take their alt-rock, four-part harmonies and infectious pop sensibilities to the Big Apple as American Authors.

Their honest songwriting evidently comes from the diversity that the four members bring to the table. As lead singer Zac Barnett explains the idea behind their name and work ethic: “We’re the authors of our lives, creating music from what we’ve lived, from what we hope for, from what we feel. Every day is different and like everyone, our emotions change according to our personal highs and lows and by the challenges or triumphs that affect all of us…we’re not afraid to be goofy one day and serious the next. We just want to be true to ourselves and share our stories for as long as people are willing to listen” – Zac Barnett (vocals)

The last year has seen American Authors not only dominate the charts, television and movie screens, but also their live presence, having supported the likes of OneRepublic and The Script to being one of the most highly anticipated bands to play at SXSW in Austin, Texas earlier this year, leading to a number of sold out headline shows in the US and UK/Europe.

In the last few months, American Authors have not only proved to be proficient songwriters that have captivated audiences across the world, they have proven themselves as headliners in their own right through their energy and commitment to honing their craft as live performers. If the international response to American Authors is anything to go by, you will not want to miss these guys in action.

General public on sale from 10am local time, Tuesday 22 July

Fri 19 Sep Brisbane | The Hi-Fi (18+)

Sat 20 Sep Melbourne | Prince Bandroom (18+)

Sun 21 Sep Sydney | Metro Theatre (18+)

Wed 24 Sep Auckland l Powerstation (All Ages) | Ph: 1300 762 545 | Ph: 1300 762 545 | Ph: 132 849 | Ph: 0800 111 999



Andy Bull announces ‘Sea of Approval’ tour – Proudly presented by Spotify

tour poster (3)

Andy Bull is excited to announce the ‘Sea of Approval’ national tour; in support of the release of his much anticipated second LP, out now via Island Records.

‘Sea of Approval’ is an open and personal body of work. Andy’s distinct voice and acoustic piano is married with synthesizers, samples, glitches and vocal layering. A masterful pop artist, he produces and plays every instrument on the record and has this to say about the upcoming tour:

“I’m happy to be doing the ‘Sea of Approval’ tour – we look forward to making the walls shake and sines and squares waves. I’ll have the full band interpreting my bedroom productions for the rock stage. Come and watch us try to wrangle this wily electronic stallion, and even when it bucks, it’ll be anguish worth coming out for.”

Tickets are on sale now via the links below, be part of Andy’s sea of approval as he takes full band on tour this September, which special guests from Sydney’s indie pop trio New Navy.

For more info and tickets head here: 


Tickets available from | 136 246 | From Qtix Box Office


Tickets available from | 1300 GET TIX | All Moshtix Outlets


Tickets available from


Tickets available from | 132 849 | All Ticketek Outlets


Tickets available from | 1300 GET TIX | All Moshtix Outlets


Tickets available from


Tickets available from


Tickets available from | 1300 762 545 | All Oztix Outlets


Tickets available from | 03 9427 9198 | From the Corner Hotel box office 




For German Music Fans, World Cup Victory Was Cause for Celebration

Yesterday, Germany stunned World Cup host Brazil with a 7-1 victory, breaking records and Brazilian hearts. But for fans of the German side, which will now advance to the World Cup final, the result was cause for major celebration.

And celebrate they did.

As we did for two earlier matches, we looked at how many people were listening to music on Spotify in Brazil and Germany before, during, and after yesterday’s game. The number of listeners in both countries dipped during the action once again, as people tuned in to the big game.

In Germany, we see a big spike in listeners just after the game’s conclusion, representing some late-night celebrating, before listening declined again as the country went to bed.

Even in Brazil, some fans cranked up music on Spotify after the game, as you can see from the rising yellow line after the game ends. However, they listened a lot less than they did the previous night, and several hours passed before Brazilian listening returned to normal.

The following chart depicts hourly listening in both countries, from the day before the match to this morning:

Germany vs. Brazil: A study in listening patterns

See the red spike? That’s Germany celebrating its victory.

Keep in mind that, unlike in our last story about World Cup listening behavior, this one concerns countries in much different timezones, which helps explain why listening drops off in Germany faster than it did in the Netherlands or Sweden following their victories. (In Germany, the game ended at nearly midnight on a Tuesday night.)

It’s also worth noting that the chart shows hourly listening. So while it might appear that the Germans started celebrating before the game was even over, the spike actually shows how much they were listening about ten minutes after the game.

But the takeaway is clear: People in the country whose team won at the World Cup were more likely to listen to Spotify following their victory, while people in the losing country listened less than usual.

To celebrate with the Germans, give our post-game party playlist a listen. Or, to commiserate with the great futebol nation of Brazil after its uncharacteristic loss, try this one.

Update: We’ve also created a couple of new German genre playlists, for those looking to celebrate with some German techno or German metal.

Fishing announce Album tour – Proudly presented by Spotify


Sydney production outfit FISHING, today announce a national headline tour to celebrate the release of their debut album “Shy Glow”. Kicking off on August 22 in sunny Queensland, before heading to Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney respectively, the Shy Glow Tour will see the duo step up to the headlining role and bring the eclectic sounds of “Shy Glow” to life.
Hometown fans were lucky enough to get a taste of their new material at theirs  old out album launch at Sydney’s The Basement as part of Vivid Festival just weeks ago. Combined with an impressive light show, FISHING captivated the excitable crowd with their set even calling upon some special guests whom appear on the album. Having previously toured with the likes of Purity Ring, Yeasayer and Hermitude, to name a few, their live show has evolved since their inception in 2010, establishing their reputation as an enthralling live act.

 Friday, August 22 | The Factory, Maroochydore, QLD
Address: Sunshine Plaza, Horton Parade, Maroochydore
Tickets: From venue 

Saturday, August 23 | Bowler Bar, Brisbane, QLD
Address: Coniston Lane, Fortitude Valley
Tickets: From venue
Friday, August 29 | Cats @ Rocket Bar, Adelaide, SA
Address: 142 Hindley Street, Adelaide
Tickets: From venue
Saturday, August 30 | Shebeen Bandroom, Melbourne, VIC
Address: 36 Market Lane, Melbourne
Tickets: $12 + bf –
Friday, September 5 | Newtown Social Club, Sydney, NSW
Address: 387 King Street, Newtown
Tickets: $12 + bf –


DON’T BE ALARMED by the pretty colours and great music brightening up Australia this winter

AU ATL Bus Shelter Wrap
Though the Swedes may laugh at our winter temperatures, down under we need our winter brightened up too.
Combining some slap-you-in-the-face bright colours and international (Daft PunkJustin Timberlake), local (The PresetsRÜfÜS), new (5 Seconds Of SummerIggy Azalea) and much-loved (Michael JacksonBob Dylan) artists (to name just a few), this winter in Australia is going to be a hot bed of musical listening.
We understand the importance of a great soundtrack to get you to work, from uni, and all those public transport trips in between, so you’ll spot these bright posters in and around your shopping centres, bus stops, train stations – pretty much everywhere your trip could be made better by music.
Now that we’re free on mobile devices (yep, free) it’s easier to listen to your favourite tracks, and discover new nuggets of musical excellence.
To make it even simpler all you need to do is text us the name of the artist on the poster and we’ll send you a link to the music (via the app store if you don’t have the app yet).
The posters are up for a month but the music lasts forever.
AU ATL Street Furniture Playlist AU ATL Street Furniture Artist
AU ATL Above Window Train Panels




Live It Up Festival

LIVE IT UP came out swinging in 2013 as an emerging music festival with it’s sights set firmly on the kids. LIVE IT UP is an under 18’s only music festival based in Brisbane announcing one of the most exciting line ups imaginable for music loving teenagers this Saturday the 21st of June

PARKWAY DRIVE are headlining the mainstage this coming June at the RNA showgrounds bringing their arena selling metalcore from Byron Bay via the globe especially for LIVE IT UP. VIOLENT SOHO’S achievements in the last 12 months have been astonishing and they have confirmed their place as one of the most exciting guitar bands ever to come out of Australia.

Closing proceedings on our outdoor stage are much loved indie rock quartet THE JUNGLE GIANTS. These guys have honed their festival skills touring their hugely successful debut album “Learn To Exist”. Adding to the diversity of the line up is Melbourne based hip hop star ALLDAY kicking it with his mates on the outdoor stage.

IN HEARTS WAKE join their mates from Byron Bay, PARKWAY DRIVE on the mainstage bringing their post hardcore to celebrate the release of their new album. Both stages will be kicked off by two of the most exciting bands of rock n roll upstarts going around with LUNATICS ON POGOSTICKS and THE CREASES firing things up on their separate stages.

Spotify are proud partners of Live It Up. More info and tickets can be found here



Kilter announces 17-date ‘Shades’ tour – Proudly presented by Spotify


With his hotly anticipated ‘Shades’ EP landing on July 11th, young Australian electronic producer Kilter will be hitting the road this winter and taking his live show around the country on a 17-date Australia and New Zealand tour. Starting off in his hometown of Sydney on July 11th, Kilter will then hit Melbourne, Bathurst, Adelaide, Perth, Newcastle, Brisbane, Townsville, Canberra and Wollongong, before heading across the Tasman to play shows in Ohakune, Dunedin, Queenstown, Christchurch and Auckland.

Kilter will also be performing at the sold out Splendour In The Grass festival in Byron Bay. Kilter’s infectious and atmospheric sounds have been driving people to the dance floor, but it is his live show that keeps them dancing and sets the electronic whiz kid apart. With an MPC, synths, microKorg and drum kit in tow, his show is a live manifestation that speaks volumes for Kilter as not just a skilled producer, but also as a talented musician. His percussion-infused pulse is perfectly mirrored by his kinetic energy and enthusiasm, pushing him to the front of the pack of new artists creating and developing the Australian movement.

KILTER SHADES TOUR DATES – more info can be found here.

Friday, July 11th                     Oxford Art Factory, Sydney

Saturday, July 12th                Shebeen, Melbourne

Wednesday, July 16th            DK @ Charles Sturt University, Bathurst

Friday, July 18th                     Cats @ Rocket Bar, Adelaide

Saturday, July 19th                Flyrite, Perth

July 25th – July 28th               Splendour in the Grass, Byron Bay

Friday, August 1st                  Fitzy’s, Bunbury

Saturday, August 2nd              Toucan Club, Mandurah

Friday, August 9th                  Bowler Bar, Brisbane

Saturday, August 16th            Flinders Social, Townsville

Friday, August 22nd                Thank You MA’AM @ Meche, Canberra

Saturday, August 23rd            The Grand, Wollongong

Tuesday, August 26th             Turoa Lodge, Ohakune

Wednesday, August 27th        TBA, Dunedin

Thursday, August 28th            The Wall, Queenstown

Friday, August 29th                Dux Live, Christchurch

Saturday, August 30th   Platform, Auckland