We’re updating our Windows Phone app!

We’re happy to announce that two new updates are coming to Windows Phone 8 users this spring. The first Spotify update brings the much-anticipated Radio, Browse and Discover features. This means that you will be able to listen to personalized radio stations, browse for what’s hot and what’s new, or discover more music.

The update also brings significant improvements and a brand new design and will be available to users later this spring.

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This new update will be available for Spotify Premium subscribers at the beginning. But the recently announced Spotify Free for mobile will also be arriving on Windows Phone – follow us on twitter to keep yourself up to date.

In the meantime, you can also sign up for a free trial of Spotify Premium.


‘Add to Spotify’ with SoundHound

Love SoundHound? So do we! Today, there’s even more to love with the launch of a rich ‘Add to Spotify’ integration for iOS enabling users to convert SoundHound music discoveries seamlessly into Spotify playlists. Now you can add newly discovered and previously searched tracks to a playlist within Spotify without ever leaving the SoundHound App! It’s simple to set up – just link your SoundHound and Spotify accounts. Once linked, you can opt to have discovered songs added to your playlist either automatically or manually by tapping the Spotify icon. You can then listen to the full track, add it to other playlists or share directly with friends using your favorite social networks. The SoundHound app is available for free for iOS, AndroidWindows Phone and BlackBerry 10 devices.


Say hello to Pacemaker for iPad. The only DJ app with a Spotify connection.


DJing is great fun and full of creative possibilities, but often means having to buy expensive gear and be limited to only local files. Our friends at Pacemaker have launched today an iPad app where you can mix your own mp3 tracks with more than 20 million tracks from our catalogue.

Pacemaker for iPad is completely free. You also have the option to upgrade and buy effects, filters and extended functionality in the Pacemaker In-App Store.

You need a Premium subscription to use the app. If you are not a subscriber Pacemaker for iPad comes with a Spotify Premium trial so that you can start mixing right away.

Download Pacemaker from the Appstore.

Featured App: Rhino

We can’t get enough of the new Rhino App for Spotify. A trusted name in music curation for more than 30 years,  Rhino is bringing their expertise to your Spotify.

The  App re-creates the feeling of flipping through the racks of your favorite local record store – complete with playlists for every taste and genre, expertly curated by Rhino Musicologists.

Check out the Classic Rock, Just Can’t Get Enough: New Wave, Left of the Dial – College Rock playlists, plus weekly playlists curated by Aquarium Drunkard, Bob Lefsetz, and much more. Playlists are updated regularly, so there’s always something new to discover.

If you’re on your computer, click here to explore the new  Rhino App on Spotify.


Featured App: Moodsnap


They always say a picture is worth a thousand words… well, how about a thousand songs? That’s where the fun new iOS app, Moodsnap, comes in!

Moodsnap is the world’s first image-based music streaming app, where deciding what to hear is as easy as knowing how you feel. Simply launch the app, click on a photograph that matches your mood, and presto!

That’s right, in Moodsnap, music stations are crowd-sourced collections of songs that users have collectively associated with emotive photographs. It is the community’s judgement of what songs feel right for each photograph, that fuels the listening experience for everyone.

Moodsnap is uniquely powered by Spotify and is free for Spotify Premium subscribers on iOS. Check out the app here!


Playlists.net announces the release of their new iPhone and iPad app


Browse over 145,000 high quality Spotify playlists direct from your iOS device and also upload a playlist from your Spotify library complete with custom artwork to the Playlists.net community.

 App Features

• Browse our library of over 145,000 high quality playlists filtered by “Featured”, “Most Played” and “Latest.”

• Moods – from Chillout to Energetic, discover playlists based on how you feel.

• Top 100 Playlists Charts – updated each Monday.

• New Release Albums – updated weekly with the latest new releases.

• Upload your playlists directly from your iOS device to our community at Playlists.net, you can even include custom playlist artwork.

• Pin a playlist to a location near you and see what playlists are pinned near you.

• Playlist Reviews – our editorial team review the best and most creative playlists. 

Get the iOS app here.


Check out Supper.’s Spotify App


The “Supper.” Spotify App is the first music + food experience. “Supper.” features menu specials curated by chef’s and venues from around the world that value music as much as they do food, and live by the philosophy that one does not work without the other.

“Supper.” specializes in serving mouthwatering recipes that are paired with hand crafted playlists, with each recipe featuring 2 playlists; one playlist for preparation, and one playlist for partying (or eating, whichever you prefer). Each recipe also has a complimentary Hipstamatic snap to get your taste buds salivating and assist with perfect presentation.

Supper. curators include the likes of Brooklyn’s iconic Roberta’s Pizza, renowned for their NYC Summer Tiki Parties, national radio station, and recent accolade that puts them in the top 10 most important restaurants in America (Bonappetit.com). Another NYC favorite who needs no introduction is Williamsburg’s Brooklyn Bowl with Chef Dave Kornell providing a Blue Ribbon special with 2 playlists perfect for the occasion. From Sydney, Australia you’ll find a unique creation from local Chef and DJ legend Andrew Levins, the mastermind behind The Dip at Sydney’s Goodgod Small Club who has hosted sets from the likes of Thom York, Major Lazer, and epitomizes music + food.

The Supper. Spotify App is available in Spotify on your computer.


uDiscover Spotify App launched today

Today, our friends at Universal Music launch the uDiscover Spotify app - a new app that provides a unique and engaging way of exploring all of the artists and music available on Spotify. It draws on uDiscover’s extensive new library of content to create personal listening experiences. 
You’ll be able to explore ‘magazine style’ editorial, discover artist discographies and connections, or use uDiscover to create custom playlists. Unlike other discovery apps, uDiscover builds dynamic playlists based around your favourite artists and listening history. The uDiscover app draws from the deep collection of expert playlists that have been created by the uDiscover team.
Check out the new uDiscover Spotify app now. Go to http://open.spotify.com/app/udiscover.

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The Battle is Back. Emerge Cycle 4 is here!


Another cycle of Emerge starts today with ten hot new artists contending to declare themselves as the #1 rising act!

Meet the Artists

Bear’s Den, Deap Vally, BANKS, Joel Crouse, X Ambassadors, Smallpools, G-Eazy, St. Lucia, Lucius, and Half Moon Run will all be in the running to win you over in this aggressive race to prove who is the latest rising star in trending music!  
Over the next six weeks, Emerge will pare down the contenders based on your listening behavior until one artist comes out on top. Support your favorite act with your listens, stars, social shares and shouts-outs.
We asked the artists “What music reminds you of your childhood?” and here are their interesting responses. Read on and be sure to vote for your fave in Emerge!
“The Kinks and Bob Dylan. My dad used to drive me to school as a kid every day and the closest thing to contemporary music we could ever agree on were The Kinks and Bob Dylan and whenever I hear anything by those artists, I definitely feel very nostalgic.”
 Julie:  “Janet Jackson, Phantom of the Opera, Duran Duran”
Lindsay: “The Grateful Dead”
Ol‘ Dirty Bastard’s ‘Got Your Money’, John Denver’s ‘Leaving on a Jet Plane’, and Wyclef Jean ‘Gone Till November’. Yup.”
“Childhood to me means ages 7-11, and I remember listening to Ace of Base and Madonna in the car. And my dad would listen to Dead Can Dance, Peter Gabriel, Crash Test Dummies and Andrea Bocelli.”
“Music that reminds me of my childhood is probably old hymns, old country, classic rock, and Michael Jackson.”
“Bruce Springsteen, Phil Collins, Paul Simon, Michael Jackson, Disney sing-a-long tapes, Raffi, Ninja Turtles Live.”
“Johnny Cash.”
“Too much for me to thoroughly list here, but definitely Fleetwood Mac, because my mom was a huge fan. I grew up in the 80′s, so a lot of the music that became guilty pleasures from that era entered my consciousness at that point: Lionel Richie, Phil Collins, Duran Duran etc.”
“The Oldies stations in our hometowns — 105.7 (Cleveland) 101.1 (Los Angeles). Buddy Holly, Sam Cooke, the Beach Boys, Little Richard, the Stones, Cream, Fleetwood Mac, Roy Orbison. It was also the 80′s so our fav songs were probably between Love Shack, Beat It and Sledgehammer as a wee little kid.”
“It’s hard to pinpoint it really. The list is a good mix of some common grounds and some weird tastes we all experienced in our childhood.”
For more insight into what influences all of our Cycle 4 acts, head to the Emerge app  and check out  playlists of the songs that have made an impact on their lives and their art. Stay tuned for more from Emerge!



Check out the Electrospective Spotify app

-1If you love electronic music as much as we do, you’re going to love the brand new Electrospective Spotify app!

Electrospective takes you on a musical journey through over 50 years of electronic music, from the work of visionaries like Kraftwerk to the rise of global stars like Daft Punk and David Guetta.

You can also check out awesome playlists from the likes of Martyn Ware (The Human League) and Mute Records founder Daniel Miller. Or create your very own playlists with the Playlist Generator!

Click here to check out the app now on Spotify.